Monday, December 20, 2010

Small Feet, Big Dreams...A "B" story

(This post has been sitting on my blog in draft form for over a year. The Lord let me know it was time to share.)

Last year I went to the Blogger's Retreat in Sneads, FL. It was such a blessing, meeting the Sisters of Faith and many bloggy friends for the first time.

After the last session on Friday night, we drove to the campgrounds where we were staying during the event. Since our time together was so limited, Joanne insisted I go to Angie's house to visit with some of the women before I retired to my cabin.  I am so glad I did.  We talked and laughed until midnight.  Breakfast would be at 7:00 the next morning so we decided we better get some shut eye.

Rachel from Beautiful Daughters was my roomie. She was asleep but I was having a difficult time falling asleep in my new surroundings.   I checked my phone.  It was after 2 AM.  I usually drift to sleep every night talking to God but I was wide awake. As I was chatting with the Lord, I thought I felt something on my blanket. I chose to ignore it. A few minutes later the incident was repeated. All of the sudden fast little feet were running over my head and in my hair. Yes, IN MY HAIR!


I jumped out of bed screaming hysterically. Rachel woke up and immediately started asking, "What's wrong? What's wrong?" "A mouse ran over my head" I screamed in a high pitch voice while jumping up and down. Rachel took control of the situation. She threw her pink hoodie over her head and approached the crime scene. Standing in the opposite corner of the room I was amazed at her display of courage. "What are you going to do if you find him?" I asked. Realizing she had no weapon, Rachel reached for the broom and began searching for the mouse.

From the other side of the room the Lord let me see this crazy scenario in a new way. I saw'Cinderella' in her own little corner.  Dreaming of what she could b but afraid.  The broom, the mice...The message was coming becoming clear.  I remembered part of my words written earlier:

He called her to become MORE And now it's time for her to soar
The shoe fits after all
The mice are just His transportation to the ball.

I wrote those words in a comment on Lysa Terkeurst's blog before the retreat . I was trying to win a contest she had to solve her 'mice in the fireplace' problem.  All I could see when I read her mouse story was Cinderella.  My 'comment/poem', felt so inspired...I just knew I would win cause God gave me those words. (Big smile lol, I didn't) The words were not for Lysa  T. in that rustic cabin at 2 in the morning.  The words were for me...B.  The Lord was replying to my chat.  He did not want me drifting off .  He was setting my little feet up for the SHOES ,...the kind that make it possible for small feet to walk in Big Dreams.  You might say He was sending B transportation.

If you have a dream from God, these shoes are a MUST have.They will take you all the places you are supposed to go.
If you do not know the 'shoe story', please watch this video.) 

Today as I write my last post of 2010, it has to b about DREAMS.  I am awake to God's dream for my life.

 How about you?

Today I am praying for your little feet friends.  God has MORE for you too.  Take a step. The Lord specializes in little feet and Big Dreams AND best of all... He still uses 'princesses' to tell His story. 

B His Girl

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Turtle Tuesday: All Calm and Bright?

Lord, sometimes I get caught up in all the trimmings. I try not to, but you know how I am.  I can b a busy b. I could give Martha a run for her money if you know what I mean...(Sorry Lord, of course you know what I mean.You know everything.)

 I fill my house with lights that shine

Good smelling candles that glow

I try to bake every yummy recipe I know and pack it in Christmas tins

My list goes on and on Lord. 

I try to 'create' a welcoming atmosphere in my home Lord.  Forgive me when I offer cheap substitutes to those who live in darkness around me.   Help me remember you are with me.  I 'house' you, the Light of the World.  Help me shine the real thing this Christmas season.  Thank you Jesus. Amen

B His Girl

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Turtle Tuesday: Hanging On A Word

B's hanging on a word today. In fact, it is the most significant word the Lord has spoken to B repeatedly in 2010. 
BELIEVE (Luke 1:45)
As B the turtle enters the month of December she thinks she is starting to get it. 
This question is for you:  O Christmas branches...What are you hanging on to?

B His Girl