Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Turtle Tuesday: Gathering Dust

Sometimes when we are not doing what we dream of doing, discouragement can fall on us like dust.

Today B, the coconut turtle models this so well.  Let me tell you girls...B is being real here.  Dusty discouragement has been all over her.  This morning however, B read a post from her bloggy friend Alene about  The Gift of Encouragement.   Do you think mayb the Lord led B's little turtle toes to Alene's address?  B believes He did.

Here is part of what Alene had to say:
"The challenge for each of us this week is to specifically encourage someone. That person that is on your mind right now, write their name down and then follow-up with encouragement."   B immediately knew what she had to do. This turtle girl has been given the gift of encouragement, however she has not been using it lately.  So B  'pledged' to the Lord to wipe off the discouraging dust by encouraging a couple of her friends with these. 

These necklace pendants are going to b mailed today.  This action has removed the discouraging dust on B's shell.  Even though you may think she's a nut, it is all about shining for Jesus. Are you a little dusty also?  Don't let discouragement settle over you.  Use what you have been given.  It's enough.  (Satan will tell you different but it is more than enough in God's hands.)  If you do you will SHINE.

 Each one should use whatever gift he has received to serve others, faithfully administering God's grace in its various forms.
1 Peter 4:10-11

B His Girl

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Radio Interview with Luann Prater and Ramona Davis of Encouragement Cafe

Hi Friends,

Need a little encouragement for the journey...Tomorrow on  Our Hiding Place Luann Prater  and Ramona Davis from Encouragement Cafe will be our guests.  (You may recognize Luann's name as a Proverbs 31 speaker.)

Betty Shoopman  and I are going to DRILL them for insight into how the Lord has been working in their life : )  Our inquiring minds and maybe yours want to know:
  • How God birthed a radio show and Extreme Events? 
  •  Do they wear an "I'm available Lord' sign on their heart? 
  • Have they jumped out of their comfort zone into His? 
  • Could God be calling me... aka YOU into something extreme?
Sometimes when we hear someones story of God's work in their life, we see His hand  more clearly in our own. I hope you can join us live or listen in the archives to hear how God is connecting ALL of us for His purpose.  Here is the link to Our Hiding Place,  live on Thursdays at 12:00 Eastern
B His Girl

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Turtle Tuesday:Brace Yourself...It's going to b a stretch!

Sometimes B, the turtle can't see what the Lord is doing in her life.

Ok.  Let me b a little more real here.  MOST of the time B does not clearly see what the Lord is working on in her life.  Can anyone relate??? But sometimes the Lord sends B a clue, a puzzle piece to give her a glimpse of His work in the construction zone of her heart.

My clue was in a gift Christmas morning from my friend B the Artist. The message was wrapped in the shell of a turtle. The first thing I noticed when I saw B, the dangly leg turtle is her issues with walking.  Her feet could not touch the floor.  She was grounded AND there was nothing she could do about it.

The reason B's legs caught my eye is because I was looking at my own.  I was having issues, much like B's.  My ski accident before Christmas left me in great pain and I could not walk either.  B, the dangly leg turtle and I had a lot in common. We were both grounded in the desert and our parts were not operating correctly. 

As the new year began I stayed in hiding, propped on a pillow reading many of your 'word for the year' posts.  Most of them sounded encouraging.  Some of them sounded almost glamorous. (SOAR)  I wondered what word the Lord would give me.  I wanted a good word too. The Lord answered my request.

Oh. STRETCH TO WALK.  Surely there must b a mistake. My word(s) sounded difficult.  Stretch to walk wasn't in the list of words I was hoping for. It didn't sound exciting like soar.  I wondered if I could I draw again.

Fast forward. Today is the 63rd day of the new year.  I haven't forgot my word(s).  In fact I am in physical training to 'walk' properly every single day.  I am learning I have to b intentional if I want to walk again with a normal gait.  For 6 to 8 hours a day, I have to lay down and wear this brace.  I think God wants to use this time to stretch me.   To b honest, I have always known God's plans for me were a stretch.  But I also know He is the author of the HimPossible Dream.  And for the record, I am still dreaming that dream. Whether I am walking, soaring, or limping, I have committed to follow Him and finish my race with my eyes on the prize.  I guess I will keep stretching until the Great Physician says its time to go forward.

These words apply to you today if you want to do something in life that ONLY God could make possible.

Brace Yourself...It's going to b a stretch .  But...you can do it.  All things are possible with God.

B His Girl

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

A Sizzling God Story

I love to report His stories.!
B His Girl