Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Turtle Tuesday:Brace Yourself...It's going to b a stretch!

Sometimes B, the turtle can't see what the Lord is doing in her life.

Ok.  Let me b a little more real here.  MOST of the time B does not clearly see what the Lord is working on in her life.  Can anyone relate??? But sometimes the Lord sends B a clue, a puzzle piece to give her a glimpse of His work in the construction zone of her heart.

My clue was in a gift Christmas morning from my friend B the Artist. The message was wrapped in the shell of a turtle. The first thing I noticed when I saw B, the dangly leg turtle is her issues with walking.  Her feet could not touch the floor.  She was grounded AND there was nothing she could do about it.

The reason B's legs caught my eye is because I was looking at my own.  I was having issues, much like B's.  My ski accident before Christmas left me in great pain and I could not walk either.  B, the dangly leg turtle and I had a lot in common. We were both grounded in the desert and our parts were not operating correctly. 

As the new year began I stayed in hiding, propped on a pillow reading many of your 'word for the year' posts.  Most of them sounded encouraging.  Some of them sounded almost glamorous. (SOAR)  I wondered what word the Lord would give me.  I wanted a good word too. The Lord answered my request.

Oh. STRETCH TO WALK.  Surely there must b a mistake. My word(s) sounded difficult.  Stretch to walk wasn't in the list of words I was hoping for. It didn't sound exciting like soar.  I wondered if I could I draw again.

Fast forward. Today is the 63rd day of the new year.  I haven't forgot my word(s).  In fact I am in physical training to 'walk' properly every single day.  I am learning I have to b intentional if I want to walk again with a normal gait.  For 6 to 8 hours a day, I have to lay down and wear this brace.  I think God wants to use this time to stretch me.   To b honest, I have always known God's plans for me were a stretch.  But I also know He is the author of the HimPossible Dream.  And for the record, I am still dreaming that dream. Whether I am walking, soaring, or limping, I have committed to follow Him and finish my race with my eyes on the prize.  I guess I will keep stretching until the Great Physician says its time to go forward.

These words apply to you today if you want to do something in life that ONLY God could make possible.

Brace Yourself...It's going to b a stretch .  But...you can do it.  All things are possible with God.

B His Girl


  1. Great word, B. I have been feeling the stretch for a few months now. It is uncomfortable sometimes but then sometimes it feels good. Either way it's good for us. Without stretching our limbs pull in. It's hard to reach very far with short arms and legs! Like the turtle!
    Blessings, my friend.

  2. This makes me extra happy. NOT because you are in recovery, in pain, and learning to walk again, but because you remember His word.

    Stretch to walk.

    His word to you is good and yes, it may be a stretch to walk, but oh the places you will go.

    Walk on, B. I know you will be better than new before too long. Keep believing.

    Thank you for writing this inspiring post.

  3. Amen, B. I've been there, done that! Great reminder. Blessings.

  4. Oh Barb, I had no idea you were so severely injured, and I'm so sorry! But I love how you see God at work (even when you think you don't) and somehow manage to encourage others.

    2 years ago I had a "blow-out" with my ankles during one of my normal 2 1/2 mile walks. It turns out I had Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome (similar to Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, only it's the ankles). So I had to go through months of therapy, buy special shoes and customized orthotics for those shoes. Now, stretching is a normal part of my life. If I don't stretch, I can't function.

    Guess God has us both doing the s-t-r-e-t-c-h.

    I pray you heal quickly, and that even though you're temporarily grounded, your heart SOARS.


  5. Yes, we can do it... together and with God. I love how the Lord has given you lessons from the turtle to shape and hone your heart. You are a woman of grace, and I'm so glad to sharing the road with you.


  6. B!! oh! I stopped by to catch up and what a lot I have to do!! I love how you use words. I pray He will gift you today :) xoxo

  7. Great Word as always, B!
    He's slowing so many of us down to teach us to trust and rely on Him alone!

    I am waiting on Him now for all HE wants and wills to do this weekend!

    May His hand touch your leg and heal every bone, muscle and tendon - all for His glory!

    Chooing JOY in this season,

  8. I needed this word too!
    I do hope you are recovering from your accident.
    I did not know. I will b praying for total healing.
    Much of life is a stretch. We wouldn't make it
    Without God.
    I'm praying for His peace in the long stretch.
    He's teaching me to TRUST His ways
    And His timing.

    Blessings for a B-utiful Girl!