Friday, November 14, 2008

The 'Him Possible' Dream

What do you do when you hear knocking and you realize it is God at YOUR door?

He's not looking for directions, the pastor, your neighbor, or the church committee. He's looking for you! The call is for you and He personalizes it with a visit.

I received a call like that three years ago. The Lord let me know He wanted me to talk about Him in a much more public way. He wanted me to B a "speaker". A lot of people hang up when they get that kind of call. Not me. I took a different approach. I submitted a short list with five names that would be better candidates for the assignment than me. The Lord totally ignored my input. Imagine that! His face was set like flint. He was waiting for me to submit my name for whatever He wanted to do in my life. The struggle inside me began.

It was a trying moment! Would I continue on the journey He planned for my life or would I stop following Jesus? I could feel His eyes upon me awaiting my answer. I gave Him a sign. I took a step of faith. I made an appointment and told my pastor about God's call. I expected him to fall over laughing, but he didn't. My next step was to join a local Toastmasters Club and learn about public speaking. Then I took the biggie. I signed up to attend CLASServices, a conference for speakers and writers, in Tennessee. To me, this was like Peter stepping out on the stormy sea, knowing Jesus was ahead of me but still unsure of the surface I was walking on. It was a nine hour drive to the conference, so I had a lot of alone time with the Lord. We had great conversation on the way. On the last day of the conference, I had to give a 3 minute talk using scripture they selected and make an outline. You may have noticed if you visit my blog, I use symbolism in many of my posts, Turtle Tuesdays for example. I decided to B creative and use song titles in my outline and talk. Here is the layout:

The 'Him Possible' Dream
1. A Moment Like This- I gave my personal testimony of God changing my
2. Dream On- I told what happens when you submit to Jesus being Lord of
your life. He gives you a dream. Used scripture.
3. Keep on Truckin'- What you have to do until you finish your race!

The content of my three minutes was good. What was NOT good is that I gave my talk the way I saw other speakers do it. I was not like them. God had given me something different. I tried to be Barbie that day, not B. I was so mad at myself. Why did I do that????

I started beating myself up the moment I left the conference. It was going to be a long drive back to Florida. I decided to listen to some music to divert my attention from my horrible talk. The hills of Tennessee were interfering with the reception on my radio. My husband had installed Satellite Radio for my trip knowing that would occur. I hit the #8 button, the 80's music. The words 'Dream On' by Aerosmith went across the screen. I rolled my eyes and immediately thought ...that is the last song in the world I want to hear. Then I hit the #7 button, the 70's. Keep on Truckin' came out of my speakers! A picture (vision) flashed before my eyes. I saw people standing with their hands raised in the air worshipping. I was looking at them from above. I never saw myself but I knew I was on a stage. My mess up had not changed God's call on my life.

I started crying. God gave my speech back to me in 5 words.

Dream On. Keep on Truckin'!
God taught me a lot about speaking that day and the dream He has given me. Telling the world about Him is The 'Him Possible' Dream. I can't make it happen. It has to b His Way, not mine.

I believe God has a plan so good for everyone's life that it sounds like a dream
too good to be true. But it's not. With God ALL things are possible.
Keep believing. Dreams really do come true!

B His Girl


  1. Yep, you always hit a nerve my friend. Thank you for keeping me in your prayers.

  2. Those are the times when we know God is doing a good work--when we are beyond our own capabilities!! Thanks for the thoughts! Have a God-filled weekend!

  3. B, you are such a blessed servant. Thanks for stopping by my page and thank you for this timely message from the Lord! I have to speak again this Tuesday and I've been giving a lot of thought about my presentation which is much unlike anyone else's. The rest of the members of the ministry are more "visual" than I am. I tend to stand still and read from my notes. I deviate and add lib a bit but I always return to my notes.My biggest fear is to misrepresnt the Lord or mix my words up but I know that's the enemy trying to stop me from walking out the assignment that God has given me because Shanita doens't want to do it but I will becuase like you - I WILL obey the Lord.


  4. Wowee, B! What an amazing story! How long has it been since I heard Keep On Truckin'? Those songs were just for you! And I love how you got it.

    Awesome. He is.

  5. Wow, Barbara, I LOVED this! God is utterly, fantastically amazing at confirming our callings and encouraging us to keep on truckin'.

    Our dream is SAFE in His hands.

    Blessings to you, my friend.

  6. Hi B... thank you so much for your prayers. It blessed my soul when I read the e-mail. I truly appreciate it and I trust that God will have His perfect way in and through me.


  7. Hi Barbara--Thanks for your encouraging words--AGAIN! Hey, question for you--How do you get those boxes around some of your words in your post?

    Haven't figured that out!