Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Turtle Tuesdays: Getting Your Groove Back

Have you ever felt 'out of sorts'?

Most of us have been there at some point in our life. B'ing 'out of sorts' is the place where you are not acting like your 'normal' self. If we linger there, people close to us usually notice, asking questions like, "What's wrong? Are you okay?" We often dodge answering those questions because sometimes there is no clear cut answers. We have lost our groove and we never saw it coming. That's a picture of this turtle today.

Meet B, the bloggy quiet turtle. She's off today, definitely out of sorts in her Turtle Tuesday post. Mayb that's a good thing though. B'ing groove less has led B to seek MORE. The Lord knows what's up with B, the turtle and you. If you have lost your groove thing too consider the possibility this is an unexpected blessing.

Mayb losing our groove pushes us closer to walking in His groove for our life.

B His Girl


  1. It totally DOES make me seek HIM out more...I need Him "every hour" as the song says.

    I love this post...and I really like turtles---had several in my yard...until the dog...(but they were made of resin).

    Looking forward to seeing you in October!!!!

  2. I sometimes loose my groove in writing (call it writers block) and sometimes I loose my groove in life. Nothings "really" wrong, yet somethings just not right.

    I hope you will soon be grooving in all the areas of your life! Shake your groove thing!

  3. Ha! I can totally relate! I am praying for you sister. God will continue to be faithful and bring us both through to the other side. God is good...

  4. I can totally relate. I feel quite out of sorts these days, but I have come to realize that God is taking me a little deeper in my understanding of His love. I am SO thankful for that.

    Much love to you my friend!!

  5. Shake your groove thing! Shake your groove thing, yeah, yeah!

    Don't know why but I hear that song in my mind as I read your post.

    I trust God knows what He wants in His relationship with you this summer.

    B More.

    I'll be back to check in on you. And I can't wait to see your smile in October.

    I'm out of sorts myself lately. But God is faithful to shake things up a bit. In His funny and mysterious ways.

    Enjoy your week!



  6. When you lose your groove... JUST "BE"......with the LORD alone! No 'doing' aloud. Press IN to Him and His groove and He will restore you completely and fully!

    I miss B's groove B'cause B is so groovy! She grooves to the music and dances with the Lord. Her groovy words lead and guide and make a heart ponder. B blessed today dear B. I miss you!

    Choosing JOY,
    [JESUS - the ONLY One to "BE" with]

  7. I thought about posting something similar today. I do think that setbacks in some areas are setforwards in others. We let some things slide from out lives and it opens up our hearts and arms to accept new things. Loosing can be a blessing. Great message.

  8. I can SO relate with what you're sharing B. At times feeling like we're losing our groove is good because it helps us to seek out the the LORD even more so we can be in step (groove) with HIM.

    Love you Sweet Sister. Praying for you now.

  9. I know exactly what you mean. When i cam eout of this I was reallt re-charged!

    Thanks for visiting my blog anf leaving such a lovely comment!

  10. I think of you daily as I look at my "Walk to Emmaus" picture that hangs over my desk where I do my bible study/quiet time.

    Thank you again for the great gift!

  11. Just stopping by to say hi and let you know I'm thinking of you.

    Much love my friend!

  12. It sure does make us seek more. Sometimes when I'm feeling out of sorts, I can just b. :)

  13. I was out of sorts for about 24 hours and it really caused me to have an attitude adjustment and seek God. Stopping in from Beth's blog.

  14. Thanks for admitting the truth - When we lose it God gets to move in! Take your time - while He perfects the good work.

  15. I have been out of sorts and walking in God's strength for the better part of my life. To be perfectly honest, my groove was totally gone by the time I was twenty. So, thankfully, God has a more stable rink to skate on. Love your blog.

  16. The Lord so spoke to me through your post B. He's had me on a different blogging schedule this summer and at first, I was not thrilled. I can say as the summer is drawing to a close, it has been the best family summer ever - an unexpected blessing. Oh, I love the last line - "Mayb losing our groove pushes us closer to walking in His groove for our life." Amen, a hearty amen. I praise the Lord for you!