Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Turtle Tuesdays: The Dog Days

Has Turtle Tuesdays gone to the dogs? Officially yes. We are in 'the dog days of summer' but B, the iron turtle prays it ain't so, at least on the inside: )

Did you know that 'dog days' can refer to a period that is stagnant, dull and not one of marked progress?
It may b the 'dog days' of summer outside but it doesn't have to b like that inside your shell.

So what's a turtle to do if she or he finds himself in the 'dog days' spiritually? B, the iron turtle, has some wisdom from the Proverbs to pass on to you.

As iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens another. Prov

Are you content in your walk with the Lord or do you long for MORE? B wants MORE. If you want to b a sharp instrument in the Lord's hands your diet must include iron. Don't skip the essentials.

B His Girl


  1. I like that verse. I know someone that needs sharpening and I could use a little touch up myself. I think I just passed those dog days.

  2. Always longing for more of Him. You have inspired and uplifted me today.

    B sweet!


  4. More and more of Him. Less and less of me. Oh, the battle for that lately. Summer is a test of my strength. I love it for so many reasons and at the same time, I am challenged to pray and process the fall. A time of releasing my kids again and a time to change. Which as you know fall is fast approaching. School starts the 17th here.

    I'm begging God for a clear path and a clear message because I don't want to miss His call. In the stillness, I hear his whisper for deeper intimacy. There I will find my true heart's desire. In Him. Hidden and sharp as iron, hopefully useful in His hand.

    Miss you, B.

    A lot.

  5. Hi precious Sister,

    I'm NOT content. I need, want, long for more and more and more of GOD. I'm chasing after HIM with all my might.

    I love you and I pray the blessings and favor of the LORD continuously upon you and your family as you seek after HIM even more.

    Going deeper and deeper and deeper in Him.

    I love you sis and I appreciate you.

    Hugging your neck in October will be a treat. Better have a back brace with you because I'm a strong bear huger (smile). Love ya.

  6. Oh yes I am longing for so much more intimacy with Jesus.

    Have missed you my friend. I hope all is well!

  7. Do I want more and more and more of God? Yes!!! When we moved B, every time I read the Scripture, the phrase "how much more" would jump off the page to me. I want to experience the how much more of God, my feet are ready and shod. I am running after Him and seeking Him. You always speak directly to my heart.
    Blessings to you!

  8. More of Him and dog-digging into the Word!

    Love it!

    Choosing JOY, Stephanie
    [JESUS the One I THIRST For]

  9. Just so you know you lived out this verse this week.

    THANK YOU for being iron in my life.

    Love you, sister!

  10. You are so fun! I just want to hang out with you for an afternoon!
    I always feel lighter after reading your amusing posts, B!

    Love the turtles!

  11. B--I want more, too. It is so easy to get into the flow of the humdrum.

    Please pray for me as to what is next for the Kenya kids. It is hard to be there--and then not to be there.

    I know God has a purpose for the passion I have. Just need to find out where He wants me to go with it!

    God bless!