Sunday, August 10, 2008

Green Turtle Bay

Last week I was on a family reunion vacation in Kentucky of all places. We had a wonderful time! I had no part in planning any of the trip, but I had to smile when we arrived. The name of the resort was Green Turtle Bay! Talk about turtles... it was a turtle girl's oasis!

In the picture on the left, you can see a multitude of turtle heads sticking out of the water. They were looking at our family. "Did they bring us something to eat?" the turtles wondered. As the bread touched the water, it was like a turtle army swimming to the table. If turtles can talk : ), they must have told their friends. Turtles were coming from all directions for a taste of fresh bread.

As we left Green Turtle Bay to return home Saturday, we had two loaves of bread left over from our week. I decided to give my bread(turtle food: ) to the children vacationing next door. I wanted them to experience the delight in breaking bread with others.

It is always about sharing our bread with others. I saw a sign this week that said: Don't count your blessings, share them! Share the bread of life today.

"B" His Girl

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