Friday, August 29, 2008

Part Two: The Girl In The Mirror

Have you ever been stuck on something? A thought enters your brain and it will not go away. Sometimes that can drive you crazy! You keep recycling it....over and over again! Maybe it's the lyrics of a song, a comment from a friend, or something you read. A yellow 'post it' note forms in your mind and marks the moment. I had one of those sticky moments in a Bible study called Downpour by James MacDonald.

I got stuck as I read these words:

Sin In The Mirror: A Picture Of Brokenness

Whoa...Sin in the Mirror! Who wants to look at that? Pictures of Brokenness...that's not pretty, is it? I didn't want share my photos in the family scrapbook! Who does??? ( I would rather take the picture so I don't have to B in it? As I am posting this, it made me wonder about you.... Are you the one always holding the camera?)

I tried to process the recycling message of 'Sin in the Mirror: A Picture of Brokenness'. Could I just slip that into the trash? Maybe no one would notice. Yeah right... if you know God a little, and that's about as much as I would claim, you know He doesn't miss a thing! God has a different way of dealing with trash and bad photos. You might say He is the first Scrap-booker. He uses everything in His book and it all turns out for good. He wouldn't let me remove my 'post it' note. Like my husband, He is always giving me instructions . : ) Adding to my list... Sometimes I do the additions and sometimes I just keep them on the list. Do good intentions count?

My material list for His add on project: wood, glue, and lots of pieces of broken mirror. It was a long process to complete His assigned work. I thought I knew what He wanted to do when I started the project. HA! After I saw my brokenness, He would let everyone else stand in front of the mirror and check out how they looked too. The photo above, is step one of the project. As I looked into the mirror, I certainly saw my brokenness. My image was fragmented. I was totally messed up! Not exactly the glamor shot I dreamed of as a child. This picture would take more than photo shop to fix. Did I really have three eyes in the picture? How could I have three eyes and and still not see clearly? I was stunned looking at the shattered pieces.

God was watching me view the negatives. Evidently, I gazed too long at my image . Here is what God said as I was looking at B in the mirror:

"Barbara, quit looking at your broken self and see what I have done."

Startled by His words, I got off the floor....Oh look at the picture He showed me......

I will leave you a 'Post it' note photo in Part 3 The Girl In The Mirror soon. It is worthy of a look. Stop by and SEE the finished project. He makes everything beautiful in its time!

"B" His Girl


  1. Your post was good for contemplation and thanksgiving. He is so good--He takes our brokenness and turns it into a beautiful mosaic. I always liked the stitchery analogy--look on the backside of the stiching project and all you see is knots and loose ends. Turn it around--a beautiful picture. God Bless!

  2. B,
    I love the "picture" of what the Lord gave you of who we are when we are broken IN HIM - reflections of His glory and light. What a great reminder you will have each time you look at it. It is amazing!