Monday, December 29, 2008

More Than A Cup Full

Tea for Two was a "moment" in my walk with the Lord and I know everyone who was a part of the tea felt the same. The room was filled with JOY, pure JOY! You felt it the minute you stepped into the room.
Teapots were the centerpiece at each table. Chocolates and a Christmas ornament with the word Joy filled their cups.
Each china tea cup was unique and a 'take home' gift along with a few tea bags. Our scripture verse Isaiah 9:6 was on a card at every place setting along with candy canes and the bell.

In my talk, he Lord not only wanted me to share about His names: Wonderful counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father and Prince of Peace but He wanted them to hear the bells ring with who they are or can B in Him. I will never forget the look on one young woman's face when I said, "You are significant." I knew the Lord was speaking to her heart as those words left my mouth. She knew it too. It was a beautiful moment to remember.

Twenty six women attended the tea with us. Here are a few of the tea party girls! We sang Joy to the World and the tea party song, I'm a Little Teapot, complete with hand motions. Yes, we did that. Corny I know, but everybody was smiling! It was a great ice breaker and we all laughed as we poured it out. Later in my talk, I would bring them back to that pouring out moment, as I talked about Jesus pouring out His blood for us. We also had a beautiful cake for Jesus and sang Happy Birthday to Him.

We had some peeping turtles at our window. How precious are these children! They watched the entire tea party. Our door man, Tim, supplied them with treats.

My children thought Santa came early as they saw our dining room filled with gifts. Many women donated gifts to hand out at the end of the tea. Each woman also received a Bible wrapped in beautiful gold paper. We had sooooo many gifts left over we were able to share with a shelter for abused women.
Tea for Two was POWERFUL because it was about the name above all names. JESUS. No one at the tea party missed the fact that this tea party was in honor of Him. I could see tears streaming down many faces during my talk. Jesus was touching hearts. He had tea with us. We gave praise to Him and ended the tea party singing Amazing Grace. What a picture that was! Sitting at the table singing Amazing Grace! I pray there will be more tea parties. I think I am supposed to start a new collection. You guessed it. Tea cups! Tea cups for turtle girls....His girls.
Tea for Two! There is room at HIS table for more!
B His Girl


  1. B,
    I've been curious to hear how the tea party went and saying prayers for you while I was out of town. I rejoice with you in the joy of Jesus being felt at the party.

    The pictures are so much fun!

  2. Thanks for sharing your tea party info. I am praising God on the way He worked in your midst.

  3. What a beautiful testiment of you following God and his perfect leadership! I am so glad those women heard they were significant! We ALL need to hear that.

    So happy for you, "B".

  4. Hi B! I'm so glad the tea party went well. Oh wonderful to see when God is speaking directly to someones heart like that. We all need to be reminded at times that we are significant to Him.

    I hope you had a wonderful Christmas and will have an enjoyable New Year as well. Rich blessings to you my friend.

  5. Hi B! I thought of you and remembered to pray for your Tea. I'm so glad that it was a success. God was glorified, hearts was touched and God gave you another green light to start something new. That's awesome and I pray that you enjoyed your Christmas. Maybe I'll be able to make it to one of these tea parties someday.

  6. What a wonderful Tea spread - what a gift of hospitality. Thanks for a lovely post!

    We visited my brother in NC last year (we are South African and live in London), who is married to my wonderful sis in Christ Becky and they have 2 darling children... latest born in September :)

    God bless you sister in Christ, for the glory you give to Him in your writing.

    Have a happy and healthy 2009!

  7. Peeking in at the tea party in May of 2009. This is beautiful. I'm waiting for our cup together this fall. Jesus is going to pour into our cups to overflowing like these gifts.