Monday, December 8, 2008

A Christmas Tea

Saturday the 3 B's, Barbara , Barbara, and Betty went to a Christmas tea at a local church. There were over 350 women at this event seated at round tables decorated to the hilt. Each table's hostess decorated a table with her own linens, china, and centerpiece; They also had special gifts for the women seated at their table. The B's received a manger scene from our hostess Sharon. They allowed 30 minutes for the 'Tour of Tables' before the event began. Martha Stewart would have been impressed. It was quite a spread! This red bird was part of the decor at our table. Feathers. Fluffy feathers. More for my collection to get my wings. They made me smile. I took this bird home with me ;)

Sharon Jaynes was the speaker at the event. Her take away for the audience was, "What are you giving Jesus for His birthday?" After all, the hustle and bustle is about Him....Right? We received a piece of paper at the end of her message to write down our gift to Jesus. Then we dropped it in a gift wrapped box at the front of the room. I filled in the lined paper with my gift . I know what He wants from me.

Do you know what Jesus would like to receive from you? What will you give to the King of Kings?

B His Girl


  1. Great post! While I don't celebrate Christmas on 12/25/08 with trees and decorations like most people do, I am happy that Jesus was born. He had to be born in order to die for our sins and save us. Having said all of that, I will be giving Him the gift of Love. I will continue to love Him and others.

  2. Thanks for stopping by telling me that there would be a comment here for me. I forgot to have the e-mail replies sent to me so I'll come back later to check.

    I started to do a post about this but I never make a big deal about it during Christmas. We're the only ones that don't celebrate like everyone else in our family and used to "go all out" all of our lives until a few years ago.So we know how exciting the season can be.

  3. Thanks for your comment Shanita.

    Your comment makes me think about how I celebrate Jesus' birth. I think our trees should be fruit trees growing in our heart, filled with the fruit of His Spirit. I have not put up an evergreen tree yet, but I will. It does have meaning to me. The Bible uses such beautiful symbolism of us being trees and of course the cross was made from a tree. I know the Lord loves trees and so do I.

    There is a line from a poem by Joyce Kilmer that says, Poems are made by fools like me, but only God can make a tree. I memorized that poem in 5th grade and I still remember it.
    I know He will receive your gift with great joy as you celebrate His Presence however He leads you. As you know, He sees our heart.

  4. The Christmas tea sounds so fun. I have never been to such an event. I know exactly what the Lord wants from me. He wants me to pursue the destiny in which he has placed in my heart. He wants me to say yes to that which he purposed me to do. I have hem and hawed long enough and I guess now "let the adventure begin." It's a little scary. I miss my comfort zone.

  5. It just dawned on me what Jesus wants and I am going to see if I can get it for him. He will love it. I have always dreamed on going on a missionary trip and a fellow blogger is going on one this year. I want to go along. Jesus would love that.

  6. Your tea looks like it was much fun. I am giving Jesus my undivided attention, my grandaughters' instruction, and my dreams (again).

  7. Jesus wants YOU (& you, & you, & me) for Christmas. He wants us to love him with all our heart, soul, and mind. That's it.

    I try to do it. Some days I do, some days I fail.

  8. What a lovely tea, B! We use to do this at our church in NC and it was fun. What a cute bird too!

    I really want to love like Jesus, so this last year the Lord has been asking me to lay aside all my selfish desires (unfortunately they are many) and love like Jesus. I have not arrived; but I am learning to obey Him in simple everyday circumstances with my dear family. And in return, I am seeing the blessings of the Lord.

    He is soo good!