Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Turtle Tuesdays: MORE THAN YOU CAN SEE

You were probably expecting to see B, the turtle today. Unfortunately B's main computer is with the geek squad for the next 3 to 5 days . I had not planned to post today because I did not have any pictures on this old computer for Turtle Tuesday. But God had a plan for B. He always does. I LOVE this about the Lord. He knew my dilemma. He had a picture for me. This is the what I saw this morning as I drove Justin to school.

A rainbow and a real turtle crossing the road.

I knew in my heart the message for all of us on Turtle Tuesday.

The Lord's promises are true. He is faithful to what He says. Keep walking by faith even though you can't see where you are headed. It is about who you are following. You will make it to the other side.

May God give you strength for the journey. He loves you!

B His Girl


  1. Nothing beats those love notes from Pappa!! They just sink into the core of our being.

  2. That is too much, B! God is so sweet. Just a little reminder that He was thinking of you!

  3. Awww, that's so sweet! I call those God hugs. :)

  4. I love was Lisa said "God hugs." Neat. Hope your PC is soon on the mend.

  5. It's ok B cause I saw two turtles crossing the road yesterday and they made me think of your blog.

  6. I believe you heard HIS voice correctly.

    And He loves YOU.

    Loved talking with you today. Fuel for the fire.

  7. His mercies are new every morning! and, i've seen more rainbows since you mentioned it...

  8. B -
    Every single blog I have visited today - God has had a WORD/phrase for me there.

    "Keep walking by faith..."

    That was huge in what I had just asked God this morning.

    PS: I was talking about you today! All good things. I was telling a girl who came to pray in Shepherd's Walk about our collecting feathers together! How God does that and what it all means.

    Choosing JOY, Stephanie
    [JESUS - For His Name's Sake]

  9. Turtles and rainbows are both meaningful to me. What a special blessing God gave you B. I love when He makes Himself visible like that.

    Love you!

  10. Awww! I love this, Barbara. God IS faithful. (So sorry your computer is on the fritz. Technology is great...until it doesn't work, right?)

    You are a blessing!

  11. Dear Barbara, This morning our daughter drove our 15 yr. old son to school. When she came back she told me she saw a rainbow!
    P.S. hope to get a frame for the print while we're home and the prayer shawl is usually in the bed w/Andrew. I wrapped myself in it on the drive home yesterday.

  12. I thought about you yesterday while I was driving home from taking Computer Girl to school. It's been raining a lot and I was longing for a rainbow. That made me think of you so I said a prayer for you.

    Love you!

  13. Love a beautiful reminder of HIS love!
    Thanks for your comments on my blog. I know a GREAT editor for your DVD, she's an increbible believer and very reasonable.

  14. Barbara,

    Thank you for stopping by my blog today and leaving such sweet words of encouragement.

    So thankful I stopped by for your very powerful reminder that it is not about where I am going but about Who I am following!!!

    Blessings on your day,


  15. B thank you so much for stopping by my blog today. For some reason my follower button is not showing up on my computer, I think its the google though because I can't see it on anyone's blog. I have added you to my favorites section so that I can stop by daily to see what you are up to. That is wonderful that you are moving out here, not the desert part :0) its hot believe me, but if you are moving from Florida you are probably used to the heat. I think God does show us signs and paths, and when we follow them the world is endless. Thank you for your kind words about the prayer. I stumbled across her blog and Andrews story just the other day, a sign from God definately. It was lovely to meet you.


    PS Sorry to hear of your PC trouble, seems to be going around a lot, mines acting up too :)

  16. Praise the LORD B. I needed to read this this very MOMENT.

    The LORD is good!

    Love and blessings.

  17. Are we still out at the geek squad?? Just stopping by to say hello. I'm as slow as a turtle these days...

  18. What an awesome picture! Just what I needed this morning. Thanks, B.

  19. My husband, Jim, and I feel compelled to do a prayer conference call for Andrew.
    Sun., Sept. 27, 3 PM EST
    Access Code 81560

    Wed I will lead and the line will be open. Come as you are. More details on my blog

  20. I'm in awe of the divine meeting we had yesterday. Very special!

  21. Hi!!!

    I've been out of it for a long time but finally have direction and understanding for what God is doing. I'm excited and I did finally post today. Yeah. Hope all is well.

    On another note, I just found out about Andrew last week. I've been praying ever since. God please work a miracle!

  22. Oh my goodness, how I love this scripture and your blog. Did you paraphrase this scripture with your own words or what translation is it? I just love how it is so relevant and personal.

    I found your blog through Spring Flicks "Doorpost" comments.

    I too want to encourage and lift up women to help them see how much God loves them and be given the courage to be all God's created them for.

    I am so glad to meet you. I will be following your blog.

    His Blessings,
    Lee Ann