Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Turtle Tuesday: Tea for Two

Months ago I received these two cute turtles in the mail. I decided to save them until I met the bloggy friend who sent them.

Meet Tiffany, the tea light turtle. God has connected her to B in a beautiful way. We share the same light source. I was so excited to meet her in person at the Blogger's Retreat in FL a couple of weeks ago.

She is everything you might imagine if you read her blog. Creative, actually VERY creative, fun, sweet, and she glows! Tiffany, the tea light turtle and B have some thoughts about doing some things in ministry together. I believe God had that in mind when this pair of turtles were made.

Thank you God for connecting us. B His Girl


  1. I like the way those turtles are letting their light shine just like you and your friend. But back up to that Blogger retreat part because my invitation must have been lost in the mail. :)

  2. Your little lights do shine you turtle girls you.
    Turtle and the turtle dove

  3. Awww! How nice that you and Tiffany got to meet. What a sweet gift she gave you...perfect!

    Thanks for continuing to let your beautiful light shine. <3

  4. B,

    Oh how much this post blesses the depths of my heart. What a sweet surprise. I came over looking for the "other" story and see this!

    These two turtle shining HIS light. Precious in HIS sight.

    I'm humbled to walk alongside you, my fellow turtle friend. B, you were more than I ever expected too. Beyond beautiful inside and out.

    Who knew these turtles require a "tea" light? LOL I think of Tea with Tiffany. Haha

    I'm stuck today on the word "LIGHT" which is even more timely. I posted on FB this morning, "Take your candle and go light your world" BEFORE I came here. God is always amazing that way, confirm His word over and over until I SEE the light.

    I love you, sister! We're going places. By faith I already see.

    (ps I wanted another picture in better light and we didn't make our video yet)

  5. B how wonderful, the turtles are darling and the connection the Lord made with you guys reflects in your picture. How wonderful.

    God bless,

  6. The two of you will make "B"-utiful ministry together! Will surely make a joyful noise to the Lord. Keep us posted!

  7. You two are so B~eautiful! Wish I could have been at the retreat.... What a wonderful Tea Light for Two Turtle post!

  8. Love you both!

  9. You both SHINE for JESUS. Beautiful message and beautiful sisters.

  10. Absolutely adorable!

    You two will "b" forever friends :-)

  11. LOVE THIS!!!! And both of you!

    B--my daughter---which we've always called "frog legs" lives fairly near your location ;)

    Maybe---perhaps....the turtle can "B" friend the frog????

    (She was at the retreat on Friday for just a few hours)

    I hope to see you soon...maybe next time I go see the Frog??

  12. B I wanted to let you know I have not forgotten about you and the domino, I will have to buy another pack only one domino per pack comes with a 5 and 9 I apologize about the delay please no your still in my thoughts, thanks for visiting me today, I will try to get off to the store soon, to get more dominos.


  13. What a beautiful team to share the Light of Christ together! That retreat sounds like it was just wonderful!

    Love you!

  14. Such beautiful sisters in Christ! I love the turtles too! Blessings...

  15. Thank you for your prayer covering today and the powerful encouragement. :) You are making a BIG difference in my little world.

    My word verification is blimb. LOL

  16. What a beautiful picture of you and your new friend! And the tea lights are very pretty too! Blessings to you B!

  17. B...I LOVE this. What a sweet thing to witness when you and Tiffany met in person. Just beautiful. I can't wait to hear where His light takes you both.

    Hugging you close,

    me ;O)

  18. Something happened to your blog page, B.

    I see boxes that say "account inactive."


    I can still read the posts, just the sides and top is not working right. FYI

  19. Hey Barbara... thanks for stopping by! I've seen you all over blogging land and am glad you made the connection. Tiffany is a true heart, and I know that whatever you dream alongside of her will only profit the kingdom of God in a big way.

    Several months back, I was reading a pastor's blog... the name slips me, but I remember you, perhaps, commenting there about his becoming your new pastor in FL. Am I correct? He had a television show at the time on Sunday morning; anyway, I just loved hearing him speak, and if in fact he is your preacher now, you must feel well-blessed. Just a thought. Perhaps, I'm losing my mind. Let me know, ok?


  20. Isn't it so great how God meets our needs by putting the exact people, at exactly the right moment in time, into our lives? I just love it when He does that for me. They are friendships that last a lifetime.

    By the way, you have the most beautiful smile. God is shining through!

    Lee Ann

  21. The tea light turtles are so cute. I enjoy Tiffany's blog too, but haven't met her in person.
    You two look like two peas in a pod, happy blonde sister friends.