Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Turtle Tuesday: Beginning with T

Today B, the turtle wants to know how YOU react to 'new beginnings' in your walk with the Lord.

The 'beginnings' B has in mind are the totally unexpected ones. The kind that leave you speechless when they are revealed. If you haven't experienced a moment like this, B thinks she can safely say... it's coming. God will throw you a curve. How do you react when the pitch He throws is out of your comfort zone?

Do you step into 'the beginning' with excitement? Close your eyes in nervous anticipation? Or shrink back into your shell in fear?

As you can see B, the turtle is taking a step with her eyes closed today. This is a step of faith with her friend T, also know as Tea with Tiffany. Tomorrow B and T begin their blog talk radio show, Our Hiding Place. I hope you will stop by and see what God has for us and you in the curve. It's always an adventure following Jesus!

B His Girl


  1. http://www.blogtalkradio.com/cwa-radio

    Here's the link to BTR. :)

    Beginnings for turtles.

    Stepping out with Jesus.

  2. I am so excited for you B!!! I love that you are taking the step of faith with your eyes closed. I needed to see that today because I usually shrink back into my shell in fear.

    Oh, thank you for posting the link Tiffany!

    Blessings to you on your new beginning!

    With love,

  3. So excited for you two, B. I hope I can catch your show.

    Hoping I remember to keep MY eyes open so I don't trip. *hee hee*

    Hugs to you, my friend.

  4. I love adventures! My journal title right now is:
    A NEW THING = I'm Perceiving It!

    I'm not shrinking back - I'm sticking my head out of my shell and looking UP!

    Choosing JOY, Stephanie
    JESUS ONLY in 2010

  5. Hey Turtle Girls!

    I just listened to your radio show and have to say GREAT JOB!!! I tried to join as a listener so I could post a comment on that site but it was not user friendly for this computer challenged girl! So here's my comment:

    I liked what you both said about people who can hide out in church. There is a saying that was given to me about 20 years ago by a former pastor which says:

    "Never allow your service for God to become a substitute for your relationship with Him."

    I don't know who wrote that or I'd give them credit - but I've never forgotten it! So often people in churches today are hiding out in the "service" tent and it has become a complete substitute for their relationship with God Himself. It's a very sad place to B B-cause they are missing out on the deep relationship that God has for them [for us]. God loves using turtles to speak to you. Feathers and birds are what He uses mostly with me - but then there are sunsets and moons and trees and planes and music and clouds and the list goes on and on.

    I have come to the conclusion that the closer I draw to God [James 4:8] the closer He draws to me and He will use anything to paint a visual picture of Himself and what He wants to say. Now that only comes when I have bathed myself in the Word of TRUTH and in deep prayer.

    Today I opened up a little book that I have that is filled with business cards of everything like doctors, accountants,stores, restaurants, etc.
    I was looking for the one of my accountant's address but as I flipped through the pages these words and pictures popped out in this order:

    [A cluster of Grapes]
    Here Comes the Bride
    [Another Lighthouse]
    Master's Legacy

    Every single thing spoke to me [personaly] and I laughed with God and said, "Are you kidding me, You will even use a flip-book of business cards to talk to me?"

    But that is EXACTLY what He does!

    Tiffany - I loved the story of the curio of turtles when God spoke to you through what B was sharing - all in His perfect timing. I pray that your message was loud and clear. You weren't hiding today and neither was God!

    Thanks for all the effort you girls put in to doing this show. I was blessed!

    Choosing JOY, Stephanie

  6. Wow, Stephanie, thanks for sharing your added thoughts about the church. Relationship is key. I'm afraid to think of those in church missing that. :(

    Also, I so relate to how God speaks through everything the closer we are to Him. That's why I say "Stop, Look, and Listen." Because without a doubt HE IS NEAR, (song coming to me now)...whispering words of wisdom. LET IT B. LET IT B.

    (WOW, that was cool!)

    And Stephanie, I love how He came near to you through a flip book of business cards. Thank you, Jesus.

    What a great love He has for us, His bride.

    And. . .birds and feathers are one of the many ways God speaks to me too. My list is ever growing. So that everywhere I look I SEE Him. Love the adventure of walking with God.

    Thanks for listening in and sharing. What a gift you left for us. I'm thankful for you!

  7. Love the pic... a beautiful example of walking in faith regardless of the view!

    Keep to it. Hate that I missed the radio show. I'll try the link anyway to see where it leads me.


  8. I am a nervous anticipation gal but I am learning to be excited! It is always an adventure following our God!!! BTW, congratulations for placing in the "Cup Overfloweth Blog" over at Internet Cafe Devotions!!!!

  9. I begin with excitement,,all gong hoe than crawl back in shell, being overwhelmed...thinking I'm going in my own strength when that happens!!!

    Congrats on being voted top 100.

  10. Congrats on Top 100.

    God is using you. Your words, your pictures touch hearts. Praise Him!

  11. Hi,
    I have an award for you on my blog.

  12. Girly girl -congrats on your Top 100 and Cup Overfloweth Blog. I TOTALLY agree - you bless me soooooo!!!

  13. Congratulations on the top 100 at the Cafe. After looking around your blog and reading I see why! Beautiful.

    Blessings on the radio show!

  14. You are right! It is always an adventure with Jesus. He has been encouraging me through my studies this past week to really trust Him & walk this blessed journey by faith & not by sight!

  15. I will have to catch your radio program! Praying for you and Tiffany as you continue forward in the LORD.

    The journey in the LORD is a great one for He is great! Amen.

    Congratulations on Top 100 at Internet Cafe and to God be all the glory. Thank you for always being a blessing to my life B and Tiff. I love you both.

  16. God knows I don't handle change well, so he has me change often! I have to say that I am a reluctant disciple. I must just drive him crazy "Kim, when I you just going to trust and obey!!!?!!" God has been so good though and has continued to show me that his plan is best.

  17. Proud of you for stepping out. Wish I wouldn't have missed the program. Hopefully next time.