Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Turtle Tuesdays: The Well and Tell

One morning B, the artist and I were praying in my family room. Bandit, my dog, the furry b in my household was in the kitchen evidently unaware of the holy moment we were experiencing. He was at his bowl gulping water like he was in a race to finish. You would have thought he hadn't had water for days.

I tried not to b distracted by his noises but I was. My thoughts in prayer drifted to his thirst level. You could hear it, see it, and feel it. Anyone who walked by his path would experience some of the furry b's overflow dripping from his jowls.

All that noise brought me to a quiet place. It made me think about me, B, the turtle at the well.

Do I open my Bible with GREAT thirst for living water to fill my b'ing?

Am I EXPECTING to encounter Jesus at the well?

Is He WAITING for me to meet HIM there TODAY? ( I heard a yes.)
The Lord is waiting for you at His deep well. If you call on His name He will tell you great and unsearchable things you do not know. And you will leave the well changed, refreshed, and with something to say.
Go Tell what you hear at the Well. Your 'Village' is dying of thirst.

B His Girl


  1. AMEN...I must B..filled with HIS presence...or I dry up.

  2. Don't you just love it when God keeps reminding you of the word He is now giving you? After attending a wonderful women conference (Streams of Living Water) this past weekend I thought "ok I get it Lord increase my thirst for you." Then I read about B's visit to the well. Your question phrased a little different but the same none the less - "how thirsty are you?".

    Thanks Barbara.

  3. B... that was quite a revelation today. Praise HIS Name. Amen!

  4. Loved this...

    And so many are thirsty....

  5. Hmmm, maybe I'm not lapping hard enough?? I know that He provides abundantly, but there are certainly times when I don't seek it with all my heart. Great thoughts, B.


  6. Thank you, Barbara. I stay thirsty for His presence, thirsty for His filling, and I'm running to the well!

  7. I hunger & thirst for him! Amen! Love it. And I love your b'ing self! :-)

  8. This B the truth!

    I want that kind of thirst, always, B.

    I love your new look!

  9. I just thought this... As a dog pants for water so my soul longs for You!

  10. I cannot believe I missed this post. It's perfect. I hear your voice and I feel your holy thirst. Oh, praise HIM.

    And you can write. :)

  11. I am glad I made it back here to read this older post! The image of your dog lapping up water will be burned in my memory. I want to read His word with the same thirst!

  12. BTW, this would be a perfect Granola Bar Devotional if you would like to submit it.