Sunday, June 27, 2010

Turtle Tuesday: The Desert View

(This post proves the turtle girl is not crazy! I could not put this together ya'll.) Only God.

The moment left me speechless...

Absolutely awe struck! God sent me a message via turtle delivery. The fact it was sent through a reptile makes it no less spiritual. It makes me cry just thinking about it. Not only are the Lord's ways not ours, they are simply profound. If you missed this Turtle Turtle's post, catch up on Part 1 of the story. 'The Desert View' below is the rest of the story .

The Desert View

For months I have known I was moving to the desert. It has been both exciting and sad, often at the same time. To b honest, I heard of 'desert times' in our walk with God but I never expected to actually 'live' in the desert. To say God threw me a curve ball is an understatement. Nevertheless that is where I am.

One way I prepared for our move is to throw myself in the hunt for a new house. I learned so much about the area on the multiple listing service. After looking at houses over the Internet for months, I came up with a 'wish' list for our new house. Of course I had my thoughts on the size, number of bedrooms, and style but there was one thing that was a must have for me.

A Desert View.

I wanted to see mountains, saguaro cactus, desert brush coloring the landscape, and little desert creatures in their natural environment from my backyard. If a house had concrete block fencing on all three sides of the yard, I would mark it off the list. In Arizona, some lots have wrought iron fencing along the back of the property. They call it view fencing. This was what I wanted.
Obviously the Lord was present as I looked at countless houses over the Internet. He knew what I was looking for so He sent a turtle to open my eyes to the view He had on His wish list.

Look at B, the turtle in the corner. She is looking into a concrete block wall. When I uploaded this photo I heard these words:

"How's the view, B?", the Lord whispered.

The Lord wanted me to understand my 'time out' in the desert was ALL ABOUT A VIEW. Not of cactus and critters but of HIM. Today June 29, 2010 the TGIF devotional on Crosswalk,com had this to say: "The desert holds a special place in God's Word. The Scriptures portray the desert as a place of inspiration and exaltation - a place where people met God in a powerful new way." Two minutes after I read this devotional a friend emailed it to me.

I am in the desert to get a new view of God. This move is an answer to prayer. I have asked to know Him in a deeper way.

If you are in a 'desert' of sorts insist on 'view fencing'. Accept no less. God has MORE for you than you can ask or imagine. (Tears are stinging my eyes as I type this. This is a word for someone reading this. Receive it and keep the faith)

Many blessing to you,

B His Girl

Side Note: As if it wasn't enough to know the Lord's plans of a better view of Him in the desert, He also gave me a view in the natural. The photo above is part of my new yard with a view of mountains, cactus, and the desert brush I wanted. Critter pics coming soon!


  1. GOD is awesome. Thanks, I needed this post, today.

  2. Your view is beautiful. I want a better view from where I am...a valley walker.

  3. Thank You Lord for the reminder that we need to being viewing You. Amen!

  4. I can't wait to see the 'desert' turtle in the desert that He will soon bring. I'm crying with you over this whole post Part 1 and 2! Wow! ONLY GOD!

    Footnote: If you have not yet gotten a hold of Elaine Olsen's book: Peace for the Journey
    it is a must for you. I am going through it daily and just this week it was all about the desert and she has the most amazing perspective that will give you HOPE and promise in your desert place!

    I am so excited for you here! When can I visit??

    Love and Prayers for your 'new home' in God's kingdom of promise!

    Choosing JOY in the desert,

  5. B, God is opening your eyes to HIS new view for you. Drink it all in. And share your findings with us. I'm encouraged and thanking God for the desert view. He's in it...

    love you

  6. Indeed, there is great, spiritual depth to be found in the desert. I've spent most of my life there.


  7. And I am looking at that gorgeous pool! I'm glad you found a dwelling place to rest your eyes on HIm, B! I have been praying for you through this. Keep us posted on how it's going in the desert!

  8. thanks for the message--I have been in my own desert & it's time for a new view.

  9. Oh B! So glad the view is beautiful... So glad God is drawing you, even to the desert, He will surely speak.

    Much love, lisa

  10. a great post that really spoke to me...Have a Happy Fourth

  11. Soooo beautiful, B! I love when God's voice whispers to draw us closer. And I love the view He gave you inside your soul and outside in your new yard. God is such an AWESOME God!

  12. Looks like a beautiful view from here. I was 'sent' to the desert for 2 years in 2000. It was the most mature enlightening experience with God that I will never forget. It was a very growing experience - Lots of SON to warm my cold and barren heart. Oh how He loves you and me. When I returned to my beloved Colorado after those 2 years, My dear mama passed into a coma within 2 months after my return. she died 3 weeks later. Had I not been sent to the desert to soak up the SON... I would not have been able to soak up the healing that awaited me in the years following the death of mama. Only God could turn something so devastating into to something for eternity! I am blessed and healed today of many things - since my stint in the hot desert...RESTORED - body, mind, and spirit...praising Jesus for He is the HEALER....not just somehow....but TRIUMPHANTLY!!

    I praise God for your understanding of this opportunity that the Lord has given you... this stint in the desert. I wanted to write something about your last post - to encourage you in that 'corner'...but I somehow let it slip. other circumstances called me away and I forgot to come back. But the Lord is faithful and He has opened your eyes. The wilderness mentality holds great blessings and hard honest TRUTHS - if we open our eyes to SEE!

    I'm excited to hear and see God's new work in YOU from this desert place He has you. KEEP the faith!! what an opportunity!

    Praying for you
    Patrina <")>><
    His watchman on the wall
    Expecting His return!

  13. Hi B,
    I'm SO excited that in the midst of this BIG move, God is speaking to you, filling your heart with His peace. Wow. He is SO good!

    I absolutely LOVE your new view. It's absolutely breathtaking, my friend. I can only imagine the wonderful things God has in store for you in your new desert home...

  14. Beautiful girl! I now have a new meaning to the fence I wrote about. WOW God is so amazing how He confirms HIs words and reveals Himself to us. God certainly wanted me to have a new view too - even though I'm in the same town. Through the "chain link" fence I get to see the landscape and how God is going to work miracles. Oh girl, our God is up to something so amazing!!!

    BTW - I need to come visit your new view. It is B.eautiful!

  15. Hi, my name is Karen from
    I came by your blog and wanted to introduce myself, I am fairly new to blogging and have enjoyed getting and learn from some other sisters in Christ.
    I hope when you get a chance you will stop by to visit me as well.
    I had a good time browsing through you blog and I will be back to visit again.
    Have a blessed day..

  16. Thinking of you and praying for you and your family this moment B.

    Hugs and love.

  17. As I placed an "owl" in my daughters house this past weekend, I thought of you and the turtle! How neat! Check out the posting about the owl...this is my fun site..

  18. How exciting! I have MISSED YOU! I haven't been around blog world lately either but was so excited when I saw your comment today. Funny thing is I thought of you in the desert and how it was the perfect place for a turtle girl. I think I told you that tortoises are my favorite turtles.

    What a beautiful yard you have too! I'm turning turtle green over here. :D Seriously, I'm so glad you're settling in so well. Many blessings to you my dear friend!