Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Turtle Tuesday: Time Out

Hi Friends,

Today I thought I'd share a 'real picture' of B. This photo was not staged. B's little feet tracked here all by herself.

Meet B, the turtle in the corner.

Less than two weeks before this photo was taken I spoke at a women's retreat. The stage was set with props to create the visual of a corner in a room. A chair was placed in the corner. My talk referenced my first encounter with God. I thought the Lord would put me in the corner. Kind of like a time out. A spiritual 'time out' for how I had lived my life. Here is what the Lord had to say about 'my thoughts' on the matter.

"For my thoughts are not your thoughts,neither are your ways my ways," declares the Lord. Isa 55:8

I didn't have a clue how God worked. He didn't want me hiding out in the corner. He wanted to use my life.

Maybe this photo today is just a coincidence if you believe in coincidences or maybe God is using this turtle as a prop. As I uploaded this photo to blogger with another story in mind, the Lord interrupted with this thought. His thought...delivered His way.

*Note to self and friends: Where are you?

Have you put yourself somewhere you are not supposed to b?
Get out of the corner and fight the good fight of faith.
B His Girl


  1. Thanks B... If we don't like the view change our position? Like the thought, may just have to give it a try.

    Linda J

  2. Hey! I've been missing you. What a picture.
    I gave the other prayer shawl and print to Gina.
    Her son, Britt, is holding his own. Still in treatment - a trial study. It's the same one Andrew would have gone through.
    I miss him terribly. Had a few cries today.

  3. Hi B,
    Wow, isn't it something that 2 weeks after you gave that talk you watched it happen in real life. Talk about confirmation!

    Love this. Hope all is well with you, B!


  4. Thank you for breathing life on my corner. Crawling out today.

    Love and hugs.

  5. Too many cobwebs in the corner to stay any length of time...and nothing is a coincidence...IMO...

  6. Been missing my B! I think God is speaking to me that I'm in the corner... not of a room but a boxing ring and I can always be sure He's in my corner with a towel, water bottle and direction...food for thought tonight.

  7. Amen and amen!! Praise the LORD! Use me LORD!

  8. Can you hear my shout of Amen in agreement with what you shared in the LORD?! Wow! This was rich!

    Lord, help me to keep my eyes on you and remain out of the corner so my life with give YOU all the glory!

    I've missed you and I've been praying for you.

  9. What a POST! I don't believe in coincidences either! God has a plan...and a way...and that is where we must travel!

    Miss you!!!

  10. This is awesome. Been missing your posts:)


  11. Your big red words "How's the view" spoke to me tonight. I've been dwelling on what I am choosing to look at today. The *thing* about this picture that just *gets me* is that the turtle is facing a wall. And the reality is, there are three other options. Two of them will have him facing an insurmountable obstacle; but oh - one way, and one focus - there is no limitation.

    I'm coming out of the corner fighting. Love you B. I love the Spirit in you that encourages my heart.

  12. You are talking to me friend!!!

    Need those words.

  13. Awesome, B! I've been missing you too! Sending love.

  14. Thank you, B. I needed this reminder! Must.... get.... out.... of.... the.... corner

  15. B:

    I loved this because of what God did to bring this to you. WE know this was God - because it's always God - when He wants to make His Presense known to us like that. I thought right away about how hiding in the corner doesn't give us a very good view of life! and for a turtle in the corner - there is no where TO go.

    Many times we must turn around - make an about face and head in the direction God has placed us!

    Blessings over you on your move --- I've been praying. I had 35 different feathers showered upon me in one day last week!

    I'm flying high!

    Choosing JOY, Stephanie

  16. Out of the corner and running my faith; there have been a few moments as of late when I chose the corner. No more. Moving on and living life out loud. Praise God!