Wednesday, July 2, 2008

A Heart to Heart with Him

Delight Yourself in The Lord
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Betty Shoopman, Artist
Sunday morning as I was driving to a worship service on Pensacola Beach , I longed to talk to God about what was weighing heavy on my mind. Should I bring it up? The problem was with US, our relationship, aka me and Him! I know He already knows these things. Do you ever have those moments where you need to be 'REAL' before Him? It's time . He tell us to present your requests (Philippians 4:6) so I did just that. Here is how my heart to heart talk started:

"Lord, where I am with you isn't working for me. (There...the issue was in the open!) I want/need /desire MORE, MORE, MORE of YOU." I envisioned a beautiful table set before me. It was fit for a King and I was feasting on the things of God. Imagine seeing the 'all you can eat special' with your favorite foods you delight in ! Later that morning at another worship service, this time with stained glass windows, I shared with my friend Dione my experience at She Speaks last week. She Speaks is a writing/speaking conference with Proverbs 31 Ministries. It was amazing. He is AMAZING! Boy, do I have some stories to tell about Him. More to come!
I have to share a little background about US (me and Him) for you to understand this story today. God and I have "a thing" with turtles. Yes, I did say turtles! Hang in there with me on this... I call myself one of His little turtle girls. He uses turtles symbolically to communicate with me often. I had a really fun God/turtle story to share with Dione that I saw on a billboard as I drove through Atlanta coming home from the conference. She reported seeing a turtle that morning in her yard as she left for church. Amazing coincidence, huh! She had no idea I was a turtle girl. Dione had thrown out some food in her yard the night before. (Her husband is a star chef so I don't know what the problem was. Maybe she cooked it!) The box turtle was chowing down on that food! Dione had never witnessed a turtle eating. His neck was stretched out from his shell, feasting on his prepared meal. He was delighting in the meal he found. Immediately, I knew God showed her in the natural what I asked for in the spiritual. He was saying YES to my request for MORE of Him. : ) His table is always set for you and me to dine. The invitation to Come and eat of Him is open 24/7 and beyond. He is waiting for us to join Him. So what are we waiting for????????? Dig in! Taste and see that the LORD is good. (Ps 34:8) I will meet you at the table!

B, His turtle Girl


  1. Thank you for visiting my blog today! You asked me if your blog name was too long. The thought is, would others want to type it into the URL on their PC. Based on this, it does seem a bit long.

    Why didn't you call it, His turtle gitl? It's different and makes you want to know more??

    Loved the post today, you are right, He is always there waiting for US to come to Him to dine! I'll be glad to dig in with you!! God is so good.

    Did we meet at She Speaks? I have not been able to put names with all of the beautiful faces yet.

    I am going to have my blogpage completely re-done within the next few days. I've hired a blog designer and she's almost done... So exciting.

  2. Barbara K.
    I believe I have stumbled on your blog again. I have not seen your picture before. However, I seem to remember your name.
    I think you ought to simplify your blog name to something two syllables shorter. Like: "By Faith Down Aisle 15". Or say something like "Walking Down Aisle 15".
    The two extra syllables sound like a run on sentence for a title.

    It sounds like you and The Lord have your "fleece" throwing sign worked out.

    I remember when I was looking for more from God. And it turned out to be the manuscript I have recently finished posting.

    All that I learned, which has shaped me to have the understanding of God I need is in that manuscript. I am not a natural writer. However, I believe that when I asked the Lord for "more", something significant which would make Him real to me, he gave me the ability to research my faith and right it down. (Talk about run on sentences).

    I have decided to not pursue having my manuscript published. In light of the fact that only six percent of all people who call themselves Christians not understanding the core message of the Bible. I feel this is what the Lord intends for me to do with the project He guided me in. I maintain my status in the profiles in by posting to another blog that can be accessed via a link from "Love One Another". This is why you will not see anything current on "Love One Another".

    Barbara, it was nice to find you again. Drop by and leave a message. I have a good Christian friend whose name is Russ. He has a blog called "Satire and Theology". His education is seventeen years long in Christian studies of Theology and Philosophy. You can find his link on the right side bar of my page.


  3. Hello again Barbara,
    In what I deem as polite protocol, I usually post a comment directly to the respondent's blog page. That way, you know that you have not been ignored in the event you do not receive an email notice announcing my having posted a comment.
    The "fleece" thing was a reference to what Gideon did when he was afraid to go and remove the high places. I thought you got that. But, you did not say that you did so I feel that I should explain myself. In short, Gideon needed a sign from the Lord. He said he would lay out a fleece overnight and if it were not affected by the dew, Gideon would believe what He was to do being guided by The Lord.

    Read "Love One Another" as you have time. I saw what you wrote concerning wanting more. To me, that was a confirmation to tell you I wrote "Love One Another" out of asking God for more. An unbelievable experience. As I am not a teacher, and I very much disliked English Literature classes in school.

    I asked the Lord to allow the reader to continue to get fact after fact and be compelled to want more as I asked for more. He kept giving me the insight to look up specific words where passages seemed obscure. He continued to allow me to find archaeological data with customs and traditions and gave me a keen mind to use imagination to form naratives around scripture.

    If you do not find it to be as I have stated, put it down. I feel that God has had me give it to you. However, as Gideon, I ask for signs. If you do not stay intriqued with the writing, I do not want to take time from you just for you to say you read the project.
    Have a nice evening. Thank you for responding to my comment. And I will post a short reply on my page.

  4. James, I have heard of Gideon :)
    but this is a reminder to me how much I have to learn about communication via blogging. Bear with me people. I'm am new at this! It makes me wonder about understanding what we hear from God. He always speaks with purpose. I am trying to lay out all the pieces(direct words) that He has spoken so clearly to me and see how they fit together. He gave me a big piece of the puzzle two days ago. I might..have a clue what He has really been saying to me. I can see His smile now... Have mercy on me Lord!

  5. Barbara,
    Being a Christian Speaker, (which, I honestly will confess, I did not know until now) I imagine you have read up on Gideon. Sorry.

    Yes, writing to effectively transmit a thought is difficult. For more than one reason. Two reasons which always come to mind are:

    one: Have I used words that easily convey my thoughts and arranged them as they should be?

    Two: Is my audience going to be receptive according to their education, culture, understanding of scripture and whatever else may hinder effective communication. This is where Rick Warren, in the "Purpose Driven Church" would just say, to target your audience or ministry and (basically) forget about the rest. I don't know if I agree with Rick Warren a hundred percent on this or not. I am not a Pastor. It also sounds like a cop-out. But, as I have said, I am not a Pastor.

  6. Hey Barbara! Thanks so much for coming by the blog today!! Wow - such encouragement!

    Were you talking with Lysa in the restaurant when I met her for the first time?!! :)

    Glad I didn't come across as crazy bloggie lady!!

    Seriously - your comments made my day...thanks! :)

  7. Hi Barbara,

    How nice to see your smiling face over at my blog!

    I am happy to report that I have improved significantly since our special evening together. ;) I am not yet 100% but nearly there.

    LOVE your turtle story!