Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Turtle Tuesdays: On The Yellow Brick Road

Meet B the "Turtle of Oz". She is a favorite from my turtle collection. She makes quite a splash in the pond with her fashion sense. Not everyone could pull off this look like B. However, clothes do not make the man and in this case, the turtle either. Here is what makes B special.

B is a traveler through this land just like us. This is not her final destination, nor ours. She knows, 'There's no place like home.' I am reminded as I look at B's ruby slippers that I too will one day click my heels together and go home. I will see the other side of the rainbow and walk on the yellow brick road. ( aka streets of gold.) B's crown and any I might have will be cast at the feet of Jesus. B makes me feel homesick. The best is yet to come!
Keep walking by faith.
"B" His Girl

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  1. Now, Look here. You may say that you don't feel a calling to do children's ministry. But, there is a fine example of what you can do to catch all person's attention. Young and old.
    Very good object lesson, Barbara.