Thursday, July 10, 2008

How I Came to "B" His Turtle Girl

I was driving across the 3 mile bridge... sharing my dilemma with my friend Laura. God had just revealed something absolutely shocking to me! He was calling me to talk about Him.... out front of people! There is nothing in my personality that likes being up front . ( I never wanted to be class president.) What was He thinking??? I already talked about Him constantly, but I did that one on one. I just have to say this. How could anyone not talk about Him if they really know Him? I joke with the Lord that it would take more than duct tape to keep me quiet about Him. : ) He is the Alpha and Omega, and EVERYTHING in between.

As Laura and I were discussing my call , it was so overwhelming. " I just want to 'b' a turtle and put my head in my shell" I said. At that moment, a picture of the this turtle passed before my eyes. My friend, Anita had given it to me a couple of weeks earlier. Then I heard the Lord say to me, "Barbara, I don't want your head in a shell. I want you out there for me." It was a moment, a bridge moment that I will always remember. What would I do with that moment? What are you doing with your moments?

That is my 'in the beginning' of "B"eing His turtle girl. By the way, did you notice the color of my first turtle? Yes, she's green. Kermit the frog, in his book said, "It's hard being green." Dittos Kermit! Do you know where this turtle is headed as she comes out of her shell? The Deep! Deep calls to Deep! The light draws her gently to the water. Imagine seeing her face when her flipper first touched that refreshing water. WOW! She wanted to tell all the other turtles who were stuck in the sand that there was MORE ahead. "Don't give up; Keep Walking!" she found herself saying.

What am I doing with my moment? This turtle's talking... out there. She found out she could do MORE than she thought she could. I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. Phil 4:13. No more hiding in my shell; The Lord is my hiding place now. (Psalm 32:7) P.S. I have read the end of the story. The turtle wins the race!

"B" His turtle girl.

*If a turtle loses his shell, is he homeless or naked? ; 0 )


  1. If a turtle loses his shell he is husband said he's naked.

    Thanks for stopping by. We are a turtle family all the way. My husband especially so. It can drive me crazy.

    I look forward to coming back and visiting your blog. We are leaving in the morning for a weeks vacation.

    I can't wait to hear all that happened for you at She Speaks. Did you take the writer's track or speaking track?

    Blessings, Joanne

  2. Good creative writing, Barbara.
    It speeks of how God will use imagery to speek to us. And is entertaining. I suppose, humorous to hear you tell it.
    Having had two younger brothers, I mean, 12 and 18 years younger than I, I can tell you that this would be a very good object lesson, and entertaining story for children in having them to understand how God speeks.

    Have you ever thought about children's ministry? Or, creating stories for children. This was my first thought after reading it.


  3. Interesting idea James. I do not think I am called to Children's ministry but I could do something with all my turtles and turtle stories for children. Most of what I do as a speaker is point to Jesus. I encourage people to grow their relationship with Him, and walk by Faith trusting that He is who He says He is. Personally, I find that many adults have trouble understanding how God speaks. Do you find that to be true? I use my stories, more than just my turtle ones to hopefully convey how real and active Jesus is in our lives. He has transformed my life and I share my hope with others. I have no regrets coming out of my shell!

  4. Barbara,
    In general, I must first state the statistic. You have read this before, I think.

    "Only six percent of all people that call themselves Christians, truly understand the core message of the Bible". - American Family Association.

    Five years ago, I began my manscript because I recognized that many Christians did not understand what it is they were professing to be, "A follower of Christ".

    So, I guess there are an awful lot of people who do not know that God speeks.

    My wife and I experience God speeking to us in different ways. So, I think He may use more than one method of getting our attention.

    I know I am not telling you something you do not already know. However, The Bible has images, day dreams, actual events, and voices to suggest the ways God speaks to us.

  5. I'll all about word pictures. I am lovin' the turtle out of "her" shell. God bless you in your obedience to Him.
    Thanks for visiting my blog. I've enjoyed yours...I'll be back.

  6. Hi Barbara - It's one of the "original turtle girls". Just wanted to say Hi and when do you want to get that cup of coffee? Love the blog! Laura

  7. WOW! Hi B...

    Just wanted to thank you for posting on my blog... sounds like we're both taking baby steps at a turtle pace! :) I love your post and it sounds like God is stretching you like He's stretching me. Well, let's stick our necks out and get moving!

    Together with God,


  8. Hi B! Well I finally got a minute to come by and read this. I love your story. I am sure God has led me over here. So much of what you say is *me*. "How could anyone not talk about Him if they really know Him?" YES!! Can't explain it but I will be back again.
    Enjoy the weekend!

  9. You are HIS turtle. I'm HIS turtle too.