Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Turtle Tuesdays: The Obedient Turtle

Meet B, the bobble head turtle. I hope you will check out her latest video. She has really been working on her moves....lots of sticking her neck out of her shell. Make no mistake about it... B is not doing the 'Walk like An Egyptian' dance here. This is a 'Walking by Faith' daily dance on her video. Dressed in her shiny white shell, B looks like she could be wearing wedding attire. She is preparing for that moment. Her eyes are fixed on Jesus and her answer is exactly what the song says . "Yes, Lord!" You see, B has been invited to a bigger pond where the water is deep. She wants to move to that place. Deep calls to deep. B thinks all turtles have a spot reserved for them there, but most never venture beyond the shallow water.
B wanted to ask you a question if she can b so bold. If your dance was on You Tube, what would it look like? Are you bobbling in the shallow water? Which direction is your head shaking? Are you moving to the place He has called you? Sometimes we need to repostition ourselves. We are in a rut.
The Lord spoke to B a couple of years ago about deep water. He brought up His disciple Peter. "B, do you know why Peter walked on the water with me?" He whispered. When 'The Teacher' of all teachers asks a question, we are usually not so quick to give our pat answers, lest we appear more dull :) B kept quiet and listened for His answer.
The Holy Spirit said "He saw ENOUGH on land." Then He added , "So have you!" Peter saw enough to step out into a place that in the natural wasn't possible. Jesus ask the same of all of us. It's true, B has seen enough. B had to say 'Yes, Lord...I have." There is no turning back now. I hear His call. I have to go. Deep is calling to deep.
Here is an important question on this Turtle Tuesday.
Have you seen enough? Your actions are your answer to the
question. If you have, your head is boppin' Yes Lord' too! You know you can't stay where
you are and b where He wants you to b. If you hang out in Egypt and 'walk like
an Egyptian', you will miss your promised land. I can't think of a greater
As B drove her youngest turtle to school this morning, she turned on the radio. The song 'I Hope You Dance' started playing. B felt the Presence of the Lord in her shell. He was talking to her and to you. A message to all the turtle girls and others reading this: I hope you dance the 'walking by faith' dance for Jesus today. Deep is calling you! Say "Yes Lord!"
B His Girl

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  1. I so want my dance to be a bobbin' Yes, Lord dance--and sometimes it is, but othertimes it is a stuck in the mire of fear dance. But I need to answer a definite YES--that I have seen enough on land to go deep. He is such a good God. Thanks for the encouragement! God Bless!