Monday, September 8, 2008

Turtle Tuesdays: Choosing the Right Spectacles!

Meet B, the turtle with the rose colored glasses. She is a Pet Shop turtle from Target. A friend gave me B after hearing a speech for my Toastmasters Club. You see, this B is a speaker and she is always looking for places to share her gift.

The speech she was giving was her 'big' one, the one that requires you to stick your neck out. No hiding in your turtle shell! You can't just talk about this subject, you have to walk the talk.
My speech title:
Walking By Faith Down Aisle 15

B talked about looking at the world through rose colored glasses. B knew all about that. She wore these glasses for years! They filtered the 'Son' light from her eyes. She couldn't see all the colors. She had no idea what she was missing.

One day B saw a blinding light that left her awe struck! Her rose colored glasses did not work anymore. They lost their appeal. She put on her God colored glasses. Now she sees many colors.

B keeps this picture of herself wearing the rose colored glasses as a testimony of her 'before' look. Most turtles who see her now would never believe how blinded she was by the world's rose colored glasses! Looking through the right lens makes the world look different.

That's this turtle girl's story for today... I was blind but now I see!" John 9:25

"B" His Girl


  1. Great analogy. My kids would love to have that littlest pet shop B!! They love them.

    Glad you are growing in the Lord.

    Thanks for the compliment on my silly rhyme at Lysa's. :D

  2. this is so true, God does help us to see the world through His eyes.

  3. What a beautiful analogy. You do have a special gift. Thank God for the Holy Spirit who open our eyes to see things as God sees them.


  4. Hi, B!

    I was thinking about you Sunday when I pulled up AT TARGET (where this turtle came from!) beside a car with turtles all over the back window! But wait... this story goes even further!

    One of my daughters (Sarah) and my son (Adam)were with me: we were picking up a few last things before his year-long trip to Japan. Sarah had come home from college for the weekend and the three of us were spending time together before both of their departures. My oldest daughter, Ashley, moved back to Georgia a few weeks ago and was unable to be with us. We were missing her presence.

    Ashley loves turtles, too. She even has a tattoo of a turtle on her foot (despite Mother's lack of enthusiasm about it!). So it was such a God thing when saw the driver of the turtle-window car get out of the car- and it was a female about Ashley's age... with a visible tattoo on her shoulder. And on the front on the car was an airbrushed tag, with a turtle AND THE DRIVER'S NAME: ASHLEY!!!

    So Ashley was sort of with us after all.

    Just more proof that God uses turtles and turtle people like you to touch hearts and remind us that He is in control. We just need to open our eyes and the evidence is there!

    Thinking of you and Betty often,
    Lisa R.