Friday, January 16, 2009

Checking The Log Book

Have you ever gone back and checked your records on something? Today's photo is of my dad on the right (88 yrs. old next month) and Conrad on the left( 86 yrs old). They were both pilots in WWII.

My dad read an old article about Conrad last fall. Conrad was the pilot of the plane,"Que Sera Sera" (What will be will be). Did anyone catch the significance of that??? That plane made History by becoming the first aircraft to land on the South Pole on October 31st, 1956. You can see this plane at the Pensacola Naval Air Museum in Florida.

My dad read Conrad lived near his baby girl (me). I contacted him and my dad came to visit. They were reunited last week, sitting in aircraft seats with their log books after 63 years. You see, Conrad and my dad flew together to Japan one time to pick up POW'S 63 years ago. Both of them have a record of this flight in their log book and each other's name listed. How cool is that!

All of this has me pondering about log books, keeping a record of where I've been. You never know when God is going to connect something old with something new. Are you keeping a log book of your flights with God? Have you missed your connections along the way?

I know many of you have earned your wings. God wants to use you to make HIS-story known. He wants His people to be free from the enemies' clutch.

Check your log book.

Look for flight patterns.

It might give you a clue where you are flying next and your mission there. With Him, there is no mission impossible! What will b will b!

B His Girl


  1. Barbara I LOVE this!! That is just so cool. They look like they are having such a great time! My grandpa was a Flying Tiger in WWII.

    I love the log book idea too. Good thoughts.

    I'm also here to tag you for a picture tag. I think you will like this one and it strikes me as being relevent to this post of yours too. I will have the post up tonight.

  2. I learned in Experiencing God to take note of my spiritual markers. Before that, I had never really paid attention to the seemingly random happenings in my life. When I recorded them, it was like connecting a dot to dot picture, suddenly *things* made sense. What a great suggestion B!

  3. This was great! You've got me thinking...

  4. Barbara--what an awesome picture--and blessing that you could experience their reunion. I have such respect for that generation--both men and women!

  5. Very cool, Barbra!

    Your post reminds me of those in the Bible (O.T.) who built alters. (I guess they didn’t have paper to journal on.)
    These altars became their spiritual markers where they would return and worship God—remembering His promises and praising Him for those He had fulfilled.

    As you’ve stated…we should do the same.