Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Turtle Tuesdays: The Sign

Last Saturday, my husband and I visited a new gift shop, The Emerald Turtle. The name makes me think of the land of Oz. B' ing a turtle girl, I was excited to check it out. If you scroll through my blog, you can see a small portion of my collection. Some people in my family think I should B turtled out. I thought my husband may be leaning in that direction too. Imagine my surprise when he told me to buy this sign. It was totally his idea, not mine. I promise : )

Meet B, the crossing turtle. She is a sign, a REAL sign. Look at her colors. Noboby could miss the meaning behind this sign, or could they? Most of my silly little turtle stories come to me immediately, but not this one. I wondered what this B would say on Turtle Tuesday. The Lord heard my pondering thoughts and He set the stage for the story to B told. Yes, B, the crossing turtle had a story. We all do. Here's a recap of what happened.

I lead a Sunday School class at my church. We are in between studies, so I prayed about our lesson. Studying on leadership from Joshua 3 seemed to be my answer. This passage is about the Israelites following the Ark of the Covenant, going a way they had never been before. They had to consecrate themselves for this trip because the Lord was going to do amazing things among them. Just hearing that makes you want to clean up, doesn't it!

The way they had to go looked difficult. Crossing the Jordan River at flood stage must have seemed virtually impossible, but the Lord told them He was going ahead of them. That's always the key to get where you are supposed to go. As the priests carrying the ark touched the water's edge, the water from upstream stopped flowing. All the people crossed on dry ground into the promised land. Then Joshua told the twelve men he selected earlier to gather stones from the Jordan as a sign of what the Lord did when the waters of the Jordan were cut off.

Our class had great discussion and prayer time. When I got home from church, I knew God was speaking to me as I placed the folders in my office. I was simply amazed. He is totally engaged in my life and yours...and why wouldn't he b. After all there is a wedding feast planned. This relationship is serious! My thoughts turned to my post for today. What was the crossing turtle sign going to B about? Then, just like the scene from Oz, except He pulled the curtain from my eyes. I knew what He was saying to B. I saw the sign. The sign was for me.

What I am facing in my ministry looks difficult. I am looking at a heap of obstacles trying to keep me from my promised land. It is time to step my foot into the place He is calling me. Turtle, cross over! Do the study in the village. Take a step in the all the creative ideas He floods inside my mind. Never mind all the 'ites' there. (see Joshua 3:10)

Maybe you are facing mountains in what God has called you to do. We can't always see what is ahead in our journey. We are to walk by faith, not sight. It will require us to take steps in places that are new to us. I know the Lord has AMAZING things planned for you and B. The Living God is among us. Read the signs along the path. You could be at a crossing like B. I can feel the water on my toes now. I am crossing. See you on the other side.

B His Girl


  1. T.G.I.T. - Thank God it's Turtle Tuesday! I really look forward to seeing what you will share with us on Tuesdays through your turtles. Once again, I was not dissapointed. So many thoughts came to mind when I saw the sign. I felt like this post was written especially for me. (you see, I'm the first one here. *smiles**)

    Thank you so much for this post today because this is where I am. I am at a crossroads. I can't see the other side but I know and trust that as long as I don't go ahead of the Lord all will B well.


  2. I am amazed at how the Lord shows you things through your turtle stories. I love how you connect your stories with analogies that are so visual.

    Stepping into the water can be intimidating but so worth it on the other side. God is so gracious to give us many chances and many different rivers and oceans to cross throughout our lives.

    Be blessed today! Heaven

  3. God is good to share his plan with you.

    Have a great day! Look both ways before you cross. :D

  4. See you on the other side, friend!


  5. Yes, Yes! I will see you on the other side my friend. I'm feeling the water stirring over here too. Step out.

    Regarding the comment you left on my blog. Yes, God hasn't let me leave Isaiah 41:10 yet. I'm stuck but maybe it's just a little talk before I step into the water. Oh my goodness, He has also been giving me Isaiah 43:2 and that's what just crossed my mind when I typed that. "When you pass through the waters..."

  6. I really like the turtle stories. And yes I am up against some pretty big mountains but I am standing my ground just like the little mustard seed. And you know what? Those mountains are beginning to listen to me.

  7. This was awesome and exactly what I needed to hear. Wow, I am going to go reread that passage. God has me stepping in very new directions and my comfort zone has been obliterated so this was what I needed today.

    Thank you.

    Ps-sorry I received your email and thank you for writing me back. I will be sending questions as they come up. :-)

    Have a great day!

  8. Thanks for the encouragement and thanks for letting me know you have a blog.

    Sometimes, you can know all the answers, and yet you still have questions. This is the stage I am in. I know it'll pass, but boy walking in this is hard.

    Thanks, my sister for lifting me in your prayers.

  9. That picture does make her look like a brunette. That's funny. I look forward to seeing more pics.