Saturday, January 17, 2009

Picture Tag

Using the 4th photo from my 4th file would be a repeat for my bloggy friends . These are random photos from B's unorganized files. So I guess I will horse around on this tag.

I had fun with this, but Justin wasn't so sure. This was taken at a birthday party.

Edie has a menagerie in her files, but I'm just a turtle girl. Oh the turtles yet to be seen on my blog!

Not everyone in the family is this coordinated. Megan is taking the photo as she jumps.

More branches in the tree. This photo was on a Christmas card years ago.

There always a short cut to beating the heat when taking photos in the Florida heat. ( I told Shari from P31 I needed some fashion help. She will believe me now! Flip flops are an essential in building a wardrobe.)

God is serious about what He said to me. "Just B." He sent me this jacket as a reminder. One day I will share the story how all of this came to B on the B log.

Ok, the picture tag is over, but Jesus is still it...always and forever!

B His Girl


  1. Cute pics! Thanks for playing. I love the pony picture.

  2. I love the jacket. Isn't it awesome when God personalizes life for us?

  3. I thoroughly enjoyed your pictures B! Love the Megan jump!

  4. Loved the pictures. Especially the jacket - need one!

    Have a great night

    In Him,

  5. Loved the pictures! Your smile in them is beautiful B!

  6. I loved all the pictures. I didn't know you were playing along. Thanks for sharing your pictures and your special messages.

  7. Hey Girl!
    I just signed on and am reading your posts! Love it! Great jacket and by the way - I like the new counter and barstools! Blessings!