Monday, February 2, 2009

Turtle Tuesdays: The New Coat

Welcome to Turtle Tuesdays. Each week, I feature a turtle from my collection and share her story. Sometimes we stay on the surface of the water; other times we go deeper. I totally have fun with this! I hope you do too.

One day B, the turtle was tucked away in her shell, reflecting on her ordinary turtle life. She had many regrets and losses, more than she could count. MayB you know the feeling. Looking back, B knew she wasted most of her early years 'pond hopping'. In case you are not familiar with that term, pond hopping is where you keep testing the water to find something that will fill your empty shell. Humans call that kind of thing 'looking for greener grass'.

Yes, B was always looking for that greener grass. She wanted to live in a beautiful shiny clear pond but she found a place in the shade where the green pond scum grows and settled there.

One day B stretched her neck out of her shell long enough to see the mossy log life didn't really float her shell. She didn't want to B a 'green product'. The world wanted every turtle's house to B 'green'. All the turtle TV stations promoted a 'green' lifestyle. Their motto was to 'recycle' the trash, just keep the cycle going. However, being green was never going to B enough. Her world was still going to smell. B decided to get off the curb and start walking in a different direction.

It wasn't very long after that neck stretching moment, B saw a light shining in the dark world. She had heard of the light but now that she had seen it, she sat in awe. The light looked directly into B's eyes and heart. She knew she was covered in pond scum, yet the light didn't seem surprised at all by her appearance. The light knew He was what B was really looking for. He drew me up from the pit of destruction,out of the miry bog,and set my feet upon a rock, making my steps secure. Psalm 40:2 He cleaned and covered B's green shell with a new coat that day. Meet the new B with her coat of many colors.

B lives in a new pond. Her shine goes with her. Her prayer is that all turtles would see that light. The coat of many colors is available in all sizes.

Know someone who needs a new 'look'? Model your shiny shell. Work that runway, Turtle Girl! FLY!

B His Girl


  1. That is a beuatiful turtle today! Yes, we do need to work out of the scum. It's easy to get complacent. Hard to change. But worth it.

  2. That is so awesome! We sort of did it again. My post for tomorrow is similar in that it's saying yes to God. Too funny.

  3. Cool turtle coat. It's B~dazzling!

  4. B--I love the new coat!!!

    As I saw B today, this is what the Lord showed me...a twist on the picture but I will share. (I love the coat) Anyway, I saw B tucked away inside a beautiful coat. I think I have used trying to look fashionable or beautiful as a cover veiling my true beauty for a long time. As I have gotten older, my colorful coat has faded and I've had to rely on my inner coat to shine through. God has transformed this former diva to a true inner diva. May He B praised!!!

    Reflecting His glory,

  5. Greetings Barbara! I thought of Romans 8:28 as I read your post today. So thankful that the Lord can take our pond hopping and looking for greener grass years and work them together for His glory.

  6. I love that coat of many colors. His mercies are new every morning so we get a new shine everyday. I actually used to have a "coat of many colors" that I loved.

  7. I love this! I can "B" beautiful in my shiny coat of many colors.

    Blessings, girl!

  8. God speaks to me through turtles too. I so relate to your posts about them. WOW, thanks for sharing. I love it when God confirms through others.