Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Turtle Tuesdays: Growing Up to B His Girl

Today on Turtle Tuesday, B shares a 'new beginnings' photo from the family scrapbook.

Meet baby b, the turtle. Isn't she just the cutest little turtle you have EVER seen? Never mind her odd shaped head and wrinkles. She's still the apple of her Father's eye. He will iron out her wrinkles as she grows and make any adjustments if stiff neck syndrome becomes a problem. After all, little b is His girl. B is happy to say she has grown a little since this photo, although she's still a shade of green with some baby fat to walk off (by faith of course: ) April is a special month for her. B celebrates the new life she experienced when she encountered God in her box 9 years ago.

"I want my life to b about you" were b's first words as she came out of her shell to follow Jesus. She even pointed upward as those words tumbled out of her mouth. She felt the Lord nod His head, approving of her decision. "I think I can work with that" He said to b with a 'tongue in cheek' smile. Little b met the Great I AM! She still points others to Him today.

B leaves this growing message with you on Turtle Tuesday. "Remain in Me and I will remain in you." It is found in the 'B' chapter, John 15. You have to b attached to the true vine to grow. Without Him you can do nothing. Absolutely nothing.

Next week B's Growing Up to B His Girl story continues ... The Lord told B He was going to ROCK HER WORLD! It is a 'tell' all story only a turtle like B could share.

B His Girl


  1. I like that; "stiffed neck syndrome". I think we are all a little guilty of that one but we do know the cure and that is what is important. Make sure to check out my next video.(hopefully tomorrow) You will have a little mention in it. :)

  2. You are one teaching turtle! I love your turtle illustrated stories. Cute.

  3. That Turtle's got Talent with a capital "T."
    'Waiting for the "Rock Your World" story!

  4. New growth has been on my heart and mind this week, so this post encouraged me B.

    And I praise the Lord for your new life anniversary! Glory! He is good!

  5. What a cute baby turtle. Love it. I always feel God smiling when I read your turle Tuesday's.

  6. LOL!!!
    I wonder about God's timing with His sense of humor. You wrote:
    "she grows and make any adjustments if stiff neck syndrome becomes a problem."

    I suffered from another headache attack this morning at Bible study and it was severe where it hit the back of my neck and I could not turn my head! When I read this just now - I could laugh again becasue the pain had passed. I'd hate to live that way all my life!

    God is sooo good and sooo faithful!
    Thanks for your many prayers!They are felt so much!

    Choosing JOY,
    [Kneeling in Prayer]
    PS: today is a 10:10 day - whatever that means - it came full circle again!

  7. Your life is about HIM.


    Rock her world, Lord. Rock her world.

  8. I blogged about the same verse today - Remain in me! I guess our Jesus is speaking to us!

  9. I know my little turtles have a story to tell. I will see if I can collect my thoughts and get it down on paper.

  10. This little turtle is definitely the cutest I've ever seen! You make me want to b creative!!

    Thanks for the reminder to b in Him, I needed that today. :)

  11. I love that turtle and the journey she keeps us on. Aww I want to remain in the Lord that He will remain in me.

    B I look forward to the rock her world sharing this week! Love you beautiful sister!