Sunday, October 19, 2008

A "She Speaks" God Story

I wrote most of this post in June after She Speaks. Today God nudged me to complete this draft and post it. Only He knows why. I hope this encourages my two readers. God knows where you are and His eyes are on you! Walk confidently in Him. He has you covered friend. Here's my God story from She Speaks:

Wendi and I drove from Florida to North Carolina a few months ago to attend She Speaks, a Proverbs 31 Ministries conference. On the drive, Wendi got a bad headache. She thought her sinuses might be infected. "Barbara" she said, "I need you to take me to an Urgent Care facility after we check in at Embassy Suites." The hotel staff helped us locate an Urgent Care facility nearby. We arrived at the Urgent Care five minutes after it closed. We prayed for relief from her headache, hoping we would not need to go there the next day.

God answered our prayer. The next morning Wendi felt fine and she began her morning leadership session. The Speaker's track, did not start until the afternoon, so I had a leisurely breakfast in the hotel. Julie Gillies, a writer from Florida, joined me at my table. We got to know each other a little. Julie had been to the ER a couple of days before the conference. She had pleurisy, an inflammation in your lungs. She was not feeling too good and was hoping her medicine would make a major difference soon. While we were sharing our stories, it became clear I was supposed to give her the book,The Dream Giver, by Bruce Wilkinson. God nudged me to pack it for my trip. I knew He would show me who should have it. The book would be a surprise for Julie later that day.
That evening before dinner, with the book in hand, I went searching for Julie. Would I find her in this sea of women? As I walked toward the back of the main room, I saw her face. Immediately, I knew something was wrong. A few Proverbs staff members were talking to her. Julie was in major pain. "She needs to go to Urgent Care" the Proverbs staff said.

Listen to this God moment....This was my first visit to North Carolina. I knew the location of our hotel and the Urgent Care facility. I told the Proverbs staff that I would take her to Urgent Care. They did not know where it was located. I checked my watch. We had fifteen minutes to get there before closing. The race began. I ran upstairs and got my car keys. The Proverbs staff called Urgent Care to let them know we were on our way.

They waited for us. Julie was the last patient of the day. As I sat in the waiting room, it hit me that God had set this trip up. I started getting all teary eyed. Breakfast with Julie, the Dream Giver Book, seeing her in pain, knowing where the Urgent Care facility was...He set me up to be able to help Julie. The Lord reminded me that He is directing my steps. I was humbled He wanted me to see His Presence in the whole scenario as it unfolded.

We found a pharmacy and got Julie her much needed medicine. She went to her room to rest. I rushed to catch my last session of the day with Wendy Pope, a P31 speaker. I knew I was late and this speaking session was so important to me. A woman on the elevator told me I had not missed anything. Dinner went past the scheduled time and everything was pushed back.

God let me know at that moment, He did that for me! As I complete this post, I am so touched how personal God is to each of us. Sometimes He lets us see His hand guiding our footsteps. I think we are supposed to remember those moments.

There will be times we can't find a clue that His hand is near, but it is. He
is...The Lord is near to all who call on Him, to all who call on Him in truth.
Psalm 145:18

B His Girl


  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog! It's nice to meet you.

    BTW - I really enjoyed your 'mirror' blogs.

    Where was the Class Seminar in 2005?

  2. Hi B! Yes this an encouragement! I don't know why but I seem to be in need of constant encouragement. He knows it and is supplying it too. Thank you for your obedience.

    Have a great week!

  3. I was at she speaks this summer as well. It is so encouraging to hear stories like yours, especially having been there but now knowing what was going on behind the scenes. How beautiful the way God weaves his purposes into our everyday life circumstances in order to bring himself glory.

    Thanks for sharing...I came here through a comment you left on another blog. Maybe Julies? Thanks again for sharing!

  4. Hi there, Barb,

    I will be forever grateful that the Lord brought the two of us together and choreographed the entire "Emergency Room Episode" that evening.

    I praise God that you were there and helped me get through one of the most painful times of my life...and got back to She Speaks just in time!

    Thanks so much for sharing our story. I may yet write about it, as well!

    Many blessings to you, girl! :)

  5. Hi B,
    I stopped by for a visit. I was at She Speaks, too so this post caught my eye.
    What a wonderful story! Isn't God amazing? I love how He uses the everyday circumstances in our lives to speak mightily. Thanks for sharing this.


  6. I love it that God made every detail work according to His plan. God amazes me with moments like this!