Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Big Ears and Ruffled Feathers

Does God speak to you?

If so, is He personal?

Have you ever hesitated sharing what 'God said to you'?
This has been on my mind so I thought I would ask my two readers these questions. I've noticed on blogs and occasionally when a pastor talks about something God spoke to him or her that sounds personalized, they tend to shrink back. No sooner than those words are out of their mouth, they feel compelled to explain God's voice.

"No, it wasn't the audible voice of God. It was an impression. A small still
voice. A tug inside. He spoke to my heart." The list goes
Do we always need to share how He spoke? I realize this can be a
teaching moment, helping people know how to hear His voice. Is that the
reason for the statements or are we trying to make sure no one thinks we are strange? When you say, "God spoke to me" ears of all sizes perk up.
A couple of weeks ago, I was speaking at a charity event. I shared a story that included something 'God said' that was personal to me but applied to all of us. Trust me. This was not about drinking red Kool-aid or anything that wasn't grounded in the Word of God. A man came up and introduced himself at the end of the event. He wanted to know my story with the Lord. We had an uplifting conversation about Jesus. He told me I ruffled some feathers at his table that night.
Me??? Ruffle feathers!! One man was not so sure about my story, the part where I shared what God said to me. He asked people at his table, "Do you think God spoke to her like that? "Yes" this man answered. Then the man looked at him and said, "Do you think God would speak to me?"

My intention was never to ruffle someone's feathers. That's not my mission. I am supposed to share His words. I believe the Holy Spirit was ruffling the feathers. I think this man heard that he wasn't hearing. God wanted it to bother him. For a Christian, hearing the Lord speak, that's normal.
Jesus said:
My sheep hear my voice, and I know them, and they follow me. John 10:27

I have been debating whether to post this, and He confirmed it this morning. Listen to this in today's Jesus Calling. My desire is that My "sheep" hear My voice continually, for I am the ever- present Shepherd. He wants us to hear!

Here is a Q Tip for today: Quiet time with Jesus. Pull away from the computer, tv, your cell phone and open your Bible. Pray. Find refuge under His feathers. Listen. You may have the opportunity to share what God said to you. If your hearing is good, share it with confidence that God will use it to speak to someone's heart.

B His Girl


  1. Hi, Barbara! This is an excellent Word for today. I have experienced the same thing, on both sides of the coin, though I'd never taken the time to consider the whys. You've given me thinking material.

  2. Great post as usual B! Have a great day!

  3. I love it when I "hear" God's voice. Spirit to spirit He speaks. Thanks for the post. It never hurts to ruffle feathers. At least it gets the bird to thinking. And usually some adjustments are required to reset those feathers. It is a good thing.

  4. I loved this post (as usual). It looks like 4 readers showed up today:) You bless many more though!

    I notice that I try to explain "hearing God speak" as well. I think it does "ruffle feathers" to say "God spoke" to me, but we also have to remember that to "unbelievers" (and some believers), it doesn't make sense. It gives us a chance to explain that God is living, breathing, and active in our lives.

    Question for you: Do you believe that sometimes Christians are "cliquie" in the way that we speak, assuming that everyone else knows our "language" and "terminology"? (Ex: Spirit, armor of God, santified, gospel, prophecy, etc.) Do we exclude others without realizing it when we speak "religious" instead of "relationship-based"? Just a thought and I really hope I'm not wrong for asking. It just came to mind as I was commenting. (If I am out-of-place, please delete my comment, because my intention is not to harm) Blessings! Heaven

  5. Heaven, You are so right...we can get lofty language and miss the point. Look at the religious leaders that were around Jesus. They knew the scripture, but missed the Christ! It is about a relationship with Jesus Christ. Unbelievers often think Christianity is a set of rules. As a speaker, it always helps me to know the audience. I have had the opportunity to speak at events that drew believers and unbelievers. It is exciting to speak at those kind of events because they have to look at Jesus. If I am speaking, they will hear Jesus' name. You can never go wrong magnifying the name of Jesus and talking about a real relationship with Him. The Holy Spirit will work the room :) (You should post on this subject.)

  6. Hi Barbara--So, Finally I get to read the feather-ears post! Sometimes I wonder if explaining our hearing from God demonstrates our lack of faith--like maybe we are questioning whether we heard from Him or not--just a thought! When we get a word from Him--and it is biblical--I think we need to trust Him enough to follow through. Have a good night!

  7. "B"~
    Praise God for the Holy Spirit! We would totally mess up constantly without His gentle nudging and witness in our Spirit. You are right in the fact that He will work the room. I love that! I'm not sure about posting about that yet. In time, maybe. I just remember a Pastor once talked about not speaking "Christian-ese" when we evangelize.

    Barbara, if I can comment, I do believe that sometimes we do try to convince ourselves that we heard from God. I don't know about you, but I have been in situations where I "KNEW this is what God was saying", and went on a tangent with it, & ended up in timbucktoo (?). God may have spoken something to me, and it may have been truth, but my interpretation of it (or timing) was off. So now, instead of trying to "mutilate" the Word God has spoken to me, I simply say, "This is what I sense the Lord is saying...take it back to Him and see if it is for you." Which is how we are supposed to judge everything anyway: by taking it back to God and scripture.

    "B", thank you for posting about this and for allowing the "questioning" and "discussion". I didn't realize you were a speaker; that's awesome! Blessings! Heaven

  8. Amen B girl! Blessed is the woman who believed what He has said will be accomplished.

  9. This is a very well written post. We should be hearing God's voice, I think for me that I sometimes get too busy and forget to "be still" to hear Him. I love to share His words with others. Just today I posted about Him talking to me! I wish everyone would share these things. It is there to encourage and yes, to convict.


  10. I'm so glad you posted this. I've been hesitant to share with others, even believers, when I've heard God's voice. I like knowing that God used your courage to touch someone else. I hope I'll be brave enough to do the same!


  11. Keep on ruffling feathers girl! I love it when God speaks, whispers or hits me over the head with a 2x4. Blessings.

  12. Usually God speeks to me in quiet whispers but lately I have been reading the bible, praying and listening much more than usual and the other night I woke up and swore someone was talking to me. I know that most people would say it was a dream or that I was crazy but I really felt like He was talking to me.

    Great post, no feathers ruffled here.

    I have also lately been confronted with strange "in my face" answers to my prayers and am beginning to think He is trying to tell me something. For instance I have prayed for help with a difficult decission and the next day something happens that totally takes away one option so I don't have a choice. So I am being careful what I pray for.

  13. Thank you... once again, you gave me something to think about. I had to minister yesterday and I shared with those in attendance a story of how God spoke to me while I was driving down the street and actually gave me the message days before I was asked to minister. I stopped for a minute and explained how God spoke to me and the humor he showed me. Now that I read your post I have to ask myself, did I go into detail because I wanted them to understand or did I want to help them to understand that I'm not crazy or was it a combination of both? Hmmm...

    Self examination is always a good thing. It keeps us at the foot of the cross.


  14. Amen. I'm all ears and a camera in tote. 5-19-2009