Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Stories From A Turtle Girl: The Master's Work

Meet B and her friend Tiffany, the turtle.

Turtle Tuesday is a little different today. I usually feature a turtle from my collection however, I do not own Tiffany, the turtle. I saw her picture in a magazine. This turtle is inspired by the legacy of Louis Comfort Tiffany, an artist best known for his work in stained glass and mosaics.

B got all choked up when she saw this turtle. She had to tear the picture from the magazine. You may think B is crazy! Why would she cry over a turtle picture? There has to b more to this turtle story than you can see with the natural eye.

THIS TURTLE HAD A MESSAGE For B. Here is what washed over B's heart the moment she saw this turtle. Tiffany is looking at Bee and smiling. "Everything is Beautiful" is the song she sings. B recalled the lesson from her mosaic cross on the post below. He makes everything beautiful in its time. (Eccl 3:11) Coincidence? B did not think so.

B looked up the meaning of the name Tiffany. In the Greek, it means Manifestation of God. B felt His Presence in this picture. The Lord, the real master of all 'stained' glass, wanted B to see His smile and know His love for her.

That is how Jesus sees you too...through eyes of love! You are a beautiful piece of His workmanship. Read His words to you. Plant them in your heart.

The LORD your God is with you, he is mighty to save. He will take great
delight in you, he will quiet you with his love, he will rejoice over you
with singing Zep. 3:17

B His Girl


  1. I love Tiffany! Thanks for stopping by the Wellblog to see me, Barbara, I'm so glad you did! I have been reading a few of your posts and discovered something we have in common: I was at SheSpeaks this past summer too! Maybe one day we will get to meet in person and talk about turtles and starting a new wave at a football game!
    Your smile is beautiful.

  2. I just love this story Barbara! It is so amazing the way God reaches out to speak His love to our hearts. I know that He meant for us to meet. I have this verse from Zephaniah printed out on a 3x5 and taped to my window sill right next to my computer and that little sister turtle I told you about is on the sill right above it.

    You are a blessing.

  3. Hi Barbara--Thanks for the reminder, and it is awesome that Tiffany means manistation of God. I will never think of the name the same way again! I am looking forward to reading your feather post!! And what a riot your dream was. How do we subconsiously think of such things!! God bless!

  4. That was the greatest story! I loved reading it. God speaks to EACH of us in our own "language." To you, he speaks turtle. Amen, turtle girl!

  5. This entry made this Tiffany cry! For many reasons I cannot put words to right now.

    With your permission, I would like to link my blog to this post and share more. When I can drum up words that is.

    Right now, I have to soak in this post. I am a turtle. I've been broken into many pieces like this mosaic. Music means the world to me. And so do the verses you used.

    I'm undone....GOD AMAZES ME!