Monday, March 16, 2009

Doodling A Message to God

Last weekend I attended a retreat in Destin, FL. Luann Prater from Proverbs 31 Ministries was the speaker for the event. The theme of the retreat was: Be still and know that I AM God. Ps 46:10

Many of you have probably experienced a moment like this at conferences. If you went to She Speaks last summer, we did this. On an index card, you are asked to write down anything that's a stumbling block in your path or keeping you from God's best for your life. You know, the 'thing' you need to lay down. AKA Baggage. Then you exchange it at the cross for a verse to carry in your heart.
I didn't know what to write on my card Friday night. The Lord has my stuff in front of Him already. The good, bad, and yes... even the ugly. He has a mountain of baggage with my name on it. (I traveled a lot of places before I met Him.) What more could I say? I have tried to surrender ALL.

This is a copy of what I dropped off at the cross. ( B, the artist, I'm not.) My doodled dilemma was clearly mapped and my request documented. One question was still ahead in my journey. What would I do when I reached the fork in the road?

I was the last of over two hundred women attending the retreat to pick up a verse. As I read His words, B stilled. Tears streamed down her face. I AM was speaking to her.

The fork in the road became clear.
I AM had a plan. If you have roadblocks in your path or forks ahead that leave you anxious, Meet the Great I AM at the Cross. Doodle a message for Him. He has a word for you too and peace for the journey.
"Stand at the crossroads and look;ask for the ancient paths,ask where the good way is, and walk in it,and you will find rest for your souls. Jer 6:16

B His Girl


  1. B - that is SO exciting! I love it when he answers prayers so clearly. :-)

  2. I found you from Tiffany's blog.

    I love that verse... it is one of my very favorites... I cannot tell you how many times I have heard God say that verse to my heart...

    Thanks for sharing your heart.

    Oh, and your post on Tiff's blog... well I am a "butterfly collector".... Papa God uses all types of things to speak to us, doesn't He?

    It's nice to meet you!

  3. I love this!
    Glad you shared it.

  4. I love it when God speaks and I especially love it that He spoke to you this past weekend at the beach retreat. I love you my precious friend!

  5. Hi B...

    Just wanted to let you know that I gave you an award on my blog yesterday.



  6. I thought about you today B, as I was driving down the road and asking God to give me direction. I was becoming anxious about the direction I'm going (or not going). Wondering if I'm doing it wrong.

    I asked Him to give me eyes and ears to hear what He was saying and to see whatever signs He puts in my path. I was thinking about how you always seem to be aware of those signs and I was feeling very unaware.

    So I thought I would go make a few blog visits before I went to bed. One blogger that I have only visited one other time and who doesn't usually visit my blog, visited tonight so I paid her a visit. I can't tell you how many messages God spoke to me in her one post.

    Then I went to visit Tiffany. Again not someone I have visited in a long time and vica-versa. She had paid a visit to my Creations blog. Well you already know that she had your Tiffany Turtle posted which spoke to my heart just like before. Also she said that both turtles and mosaics had a lot of meaning in her life and of course I knew I was supposed to visit her.

    As I was leaving a comment for her (no where near as long as this one, I am SO sorry to you.) IE bailed out on me and closed the program. So I logged back in but decided to stop by here before going back to Tiffany's. Isaiah 41:10 is THE main scripture that God uses to calm me. So it spoke to my heart too.

    I really needed everything I have just read. I am amazed at how He orchestrates the circumstances.

    Again, I'm sorry this is so long, but I really thought I should share it with you. I have tears streaming down my face too.

    Love to you my friend!!

  7. Oh my, B! I read your blog and saw your verse and thought how neat that verse spoke to you and God is guiding you. And then I finished reading and your last verse almost knocked me over. God was all over that verse for me. His approval and love poured out on me. Do you remember the video we did before we left for Ireland? That was the verse! How appropriate on St Patrick's Day! God has perfect timing for everything! Have a great day. Love Ya!

  8. B what is going on here. Our sermon this past Sunday was about forks in the road and making the right choices. I recently made a very difficult choice and I knew in my heart that I made the right one. There was never any doubt as to which choice was right. The other choice was so wrong but very self serving. Thanks for an uplifting post that spoke directly to me.

  9. beautiful. intimate. hallelujah He knows us!

  10. The book of Isaiah has so many special verses for me from I AM. Looks like He spoke to you from too. I am thankful for the way HE directs our steps and speaks so personally when we need Him most! This post made me so happy for you. So glad your weekend was full of I AM moments.

    Bless you as you walk with Him. I know you will go the right way when you reach the fork!

    Much love,

    Tiffany turtle

  11. Well - I'm a day late for this one - but NOT a dollar short! I came in God's perfect timing for those Words on the orange sign!!! Isaiah again - I should have known!

    God's signposts are amazing to me and how HE orchestrates these blog-hopping leapfrog that we play! I'm with Edie - I needed this - even on THIS DAY!!!!!!!! OH - RRAISE HIM!

    Looking UPward and Choosing JOY,
    [Time to FLY]

  12. Sounds like God is up to something wonderful in your life! I am praying for you sweet friend. I love the fork in the road that you drew! I know He will lead you down the path that will bring more blessings than you could ever think or imagine!

  13. He's always on time...His time.
    He always has the right words...His words.
    God's blessings on you, yours and the work of your hands and heart.