Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Turtle Tuesdays: The Family

Welcome to Turtle Tuesdays. Each week, I feature a turtle from my collection and share her story. Sometimes we stay on the surface of the water; other times we go deeper. I totally have fun with this! I hope you do too.

It's been quite a task to take on this early in the morning but after a lot of poking around, we did it! All B's clan stacked up to share this photo with you. Meet B, the turtle and her family.

The 'big box' turtle is on the bottom. He supports all of us. (The 'big box' doesn't care for his name . lol :) Next is me, B, the goofy turtle. Most of you know me by now. Then you have my two teen turtles and the baby turtle. He's 12, but he will always 'b my baby' turtle.(I have to keep it short this morning because he ate a bad bug. He is tucked in on the sofa today instead of school.)

This photo is actually our 'before' look. We look ok but the lighting is not quite right.

But with a turning of a switch, you get the glow from above.

You, O Lord, keep my lamp burning;my God turns my darkness into light. Ps 18:28

Your word is a lamp to my feet and a light for my path. Ps 119:105
B prays for all our families, especially for our little turtles. Thank you for them God. I pray they see the light and enjoy a deep, personal relationship with you. May they walk in all your ways and honor you throughout their life. You are the way, the truth, and the life. Help us as parents model your ways to them. Thank you Jesus for revealing yourself to us. You are the light of the world. Amen.

B His Girl


  1. Hey B his girl...I am not sure if I've stopped here before or not. I saw you on Mella Bella. I thought, her face looks familar, so I came over:) I like your sweet blog alot! Thanks for the inspiration I will be back B:)

  2. May our families remain in the illumination of His light.

  3. I stand in agreement with your beautiful prayer. I really enjoyed the photo and your message.

    Bless you dear sister.

  4. I love this one today! When Jesus light shines on us, we can let OUR light shine!

  5. May HIs light reflect off of our family members for generations to come! Blessings!

  6. My little turtle turned 12 today. I am getting to be an old turtle. Perhaps one day I will live to be 100.

  7. B--I think you are reading my mind!! I have been thinking about certain times I got annointed speakers, worshippers and teachers to pray over me and that effect on my life...and
    I've been thinking about how our lives look in the dark vs. the light...

    You are one smart B as well as funny!!

    I got my wonderful package today. My kids had ALMOST as much fun as I did with it!! I love it all, it all has your touch on it and I love that. I especially love the lovely lotion...I'm spring cleaning and needed just the thing for my counter :) My B the turtle looks beautiful amidst my Willow Tree angel collection!! your the b-est!! You b-less me!!


  8. Just re-looked through my box...thanks so much for the cd...ya know, Chris Tomlin and I went to college together...did some disciple nows together :)
    Love his songs!! You are so creative. thanks again!

  9. Oh, I love the Lamp Light Scriptures B! My spirit agrees with your prayer. And I pray your baby feels better soon!

  10. Such great truth in this post! When Jesus turns the light on it allows us to see things so much more clearly. Now He lights our path. :)


  11. Oh my goodness, I've missed so much over her! :o

    I love this as always B.

    "Help us as parents"...
    and grandparents. :)

  12. I hope your *baby* is better today! :)