Wednesday, March 11, 2009

A Picture Story

Last weekend at Women In Worship, I saw Mike Lewis, The Jesus Painter. Here are a few photos of his work. The pictures tell your story and mine. Scroll through and watch what happens to your sin.

Jesus covered our sin with his blood.

B His Girl


  1. It's great to see how art is worship.

  2. Wow - bet that was something to see.

    I have my "walk to emmaus" picture framed above my desk and I just love it!! Thank you so very much!

    In Him,

  3. He covered it totally. Now it is up to me to stop sinning.

  4. Oh, praise His Name! I am so thankful His blood availed for me!

  5. I posted the Tiffany turtle post on my blog today. I hope you meet some new friends because of this. You've touched my heart! Thanks for letting me repost your words!

  6. Ok I have to admit that I'm a bit lost on this one. Is it that He's covering our sins with His blood? Is that the message of this?

    Sorry, I feel a bit dense right now. :)