Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Turtle Tuesdays: An Illuminating Moment

Welcome to Turtle Tuesdays. Each week, I feature a turtle from my collection and share her story. Sometimes we stay on the surface of the water; other times we go deeper. I totally have fun with this! I hope you do too.

Greetings Earthlings!
Meet B, the Turtle With A Glow.

Today the turtle girl shares her Never Before Seen 'out of this world' photo with you! Believe it or don't.

This photo was taken when the Divine first shined His light on B from above. A strange and mysterious thing happened that day as His Presence filled her 'turtle box'. A glowing arc, like a rainbow, hovered around B's face. The glowing color wasn't like any crayons she had in her 64 count box. It was brighter, more intense and yet transparent at the same time. The glow lasted for hours. No sightings of this phenomenon were reported by other turtles in area 51. B was the only one who could see her glow in the mirror. She had been visited from above. B's heart and mind were captured that day. It was a life changing close encounter of the best kind!

Not everything can b explained. You need to know that. It's true. There is so much going on around us every day we cannot see. B doesn't understand why she glowed, but she did. Her feet did more than take a step of faith that day. She JUMPED! B became sure that day. Faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see.

Today's Turtle Tuesday is a little 'out there', kind of strange, even to B. Some turtles would make light of this as a 'Ripley's Believe it or Not' kind of moment. B understands that.They might think she made the whole thing up. B is known for being a little creative. She also lives in a town noted for UFO sightings. B wants to b very clear though. She is not talking about the photo of this green glowing creature below. Perhaps you have had you own sightings with him/her before. Although B's name does mean stranger or alien and her glowing moment gave her peace. They are not related: ) Really. Believe it!

Keep your eyes and heart open turtle girls and guys. You may have a Close Encounter with the Divine today.

You will find me and find me when you seek me with all your heart. Jer 29:13

B His Girl


  1. What a great post!
    When we have our spiritual eyes open we see "there are more (angelic host) with us than with them." Open our eyes, God!

  2. Moses' face glowed when he was in the presence of God, and he had to wear a veil. God's presence. Wow - enjoy it!

    I loved your comment about dancing with God on my blog yesterday. Made me smile REAL BIG!

  3. I love that B is sure now. Good word.

    And, along with Kelly, I immediately thought of Moses. Psalms also says those that are in His presence have radiant faces.

  4. Loved your creativity in sharing with us what an encounter with the Most High did to you. I think I see green from here. B, are you glowing still?

    I think you are.


  5. I could see the glow from miles away! :)

  6. I have no doubt that the MOST HIGH touched B's life! He is more than we could think or imagine and will do whatever it takes to get our attention. HE's GOD! Nothing more, nothing less, nothing else!

    That's the reason I'm always looking UPward. He's always doing things above - in heaven - and in our earthly sky that draw us to worship HIM!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog today it was nice to meet you. I sent you an e-mail earlier.

    Looking UPward and Choosing JOY,
    [Time to FLY]

  7. So you glow do you. Although I have never glowed on the outside I have felt it on the inside. I believe you even though I didn't see it myself. I think you are still glowing.

    So may I quote you on the statement about faith; "faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see." Or perhaps Paul wrote that. :) Maybe in Hebrews 11. See I am remembering what I am reading.

  8. How true B that not everything can be explained! And there is so much going on around us that we cannot see! Truth, my friend, Truth!

    Your line from Hebrews encouraged my pilgrim heart today. Faith replaces fear! I'm so thankful that He desires us to encounter Him on a personal level.

  9. Hi Friend,
    Oh how I love Turtle Tuesday. I didn't know your area of Florida was known for UFO sightings. That's hilarious. BTW, I finally posted. I'll have to update you soon. :-)

  10. What a sweet and hilarious post, Barbara! I love how she just kept glowing--of course, that's US after we're with the Lord. You're quite the entertaining writer, B! :)

    Thank you for the kind, uplifting comment you left on my blog. I don't know if you're going to She Speaks this year (or even if I'm going, at this point) but it would be great to see you again, my friend. Thank you again for your willingness to help out a (new) friend in need.

    Blessings to you!