Monday, June 1, 2009

The Eyes ....What Do You See?

I need a little bloggy insight today. You see, a God story is unfolding before my eyes and I can't read the writing on the wall. How long have I been with Him and I still don't understand!!!!! I shutter at the enormity of those words. That statement is a whole post in itself. But today we are sticking with the facts, just the facts. Here goes....

I am on the worship design team for our weekly service on Pensacola Beach. I work with Jack, the pastor of the service. If you haven't noticed on my blog, I have a creative, ok 'goofy creative' way of seeing things. Jack is allowing me embellish the setting at our worship service with creative stuff. I kid him about being 'Jack...out of the box!'
(That is an example of how my 'goofy brain' constantly works .)
Yesterday the message was about 'Jesus Questions-What do you see?' The passage was from Mark 8:22-26. In this passage Jesus healed a blind man using spit and His touch. When Jesus first touched his eyes, he asked "What do you see? The formerly blind man saw men 'walking around like trees'. Jesus touch his eyes a second time and his sight was restored perfectly. He saw everything in twenty-twenty focus.

As Jack and I were talking about the upcoming service, he shared the songs the worship leader selected for the service. The song, "In the Blink of an Eye" would be the last song in the service. I was a little stunned to hear that. Earlier in the week, I had taken a picture of the words...In The Blink Of An I. They were quickened to me when I saw them on the High School yearbook. Was this a coincidence??? I thought not. I knew God was talking. On the drive home after my meeting with Jack, I saw 'googly eyes' in my mind. I knew I was supposed to do a visual for the tables using eyes...I's. I told Jack my idea. He liked it and his message would tie in 'In the blink of an I'.

Saturday, I cut out 65 I's and glued on the Googly eyes for the tables. I prayed as I cut with my scissors, "Lord, it's taking a LOT of time to do this. (groan) I believe this idea is from you. I pray you use it." After the beach service, I had to return money to the church bookstore. As I was counting the money, I saw this.
I was stunned. I could not count anymore. I knew there was more to b seen in this defaced $10. Maybe one day I will get a second touch and clearly see the message here.

I have to ask...."What do you see?"

B His Girl


  1. I love making things with googly eyes. I use them on a lot of things. Remember a while back I put some on some pennies and did a spoof of that comercial "It's the money you could be saving....." This is indeed interesting. Maybe someone was trying to make a statement about the government but it says something else to me. My pennies had eyes but this ten dollar bill doesn't. Maybe God is telling us that having more money doesn't help a person to see clearly. I know that it can't get you into heaven.

  2. Hmmmm. This is interesting. I like what Greg had to say, that money doesn't help us to see clearly. But regardless, I'd definitely say the EYES have it.

  3. I think it is saying that the United States government is still blinded by what God will do for those who love him

  4. Question that immediately came to mind. "Who is still blinded, and needs the blinders taken off?"

  5. I like what the others had to say - good perceptions...

    I see a 'cool dude' look - like it's all about your image. But that's what this world - our own USA - has created for us in our instant society. Instant credit - instant money - instant fame... you name it we want it and we want it FAST!

    But the bottom line is - this guy is still blinded to the TRUTH because he's built himself an image made from lies.

    He's built a blind, deaf and dumb IDOL!

    Great visuals and great creative kingdom purposes - that God allowed you to see and use!

    Choosing JOY,
    [JESUS - the One I Worship]

  6. Well, first of all. I was stunned to read your words, "jack, out of the box." I saw a whole skit in my mind's eye with this theme last week. I couldn't sleep because of it. It was a God moment for me. I will do something with the idea God gave me in His time.

    Okay there, moving on. The eyes darkened is a haunting thing to see. It makes me think of the verses about the eye being either light or dark. I want light.

    Love watching God move in your heart!

  7. I love visiting you B! Jack out of the box, cracked me are a hoot.

    I just finished posting and your blog is my first comment today. I feel impressed to share a few lines from my post with you:
    "Let me focus on the eternal and not the gaping loss I feel and see
    Things are going on in the heavenlies, that I do not know, that are much higher than me..."

    Love you B!

  8. What do I see?

    My special sister I SEE God at work!

    I see not with the natural but with the spiritual eye that GOD is indeed SPEAKING! He is indeed at work. Listen closely...

    May we all listen closely.

    I'm blessed in this and I know something additionally incredible is coming forth from this because we belong to and serve a GOD who does things exceedingly abundantly above more than we could possibly think or ask! Praise His Holy and Righteous Name!

    Love you.

  9. Well I had this all written out and then IE encountered a problem and closed on me. It's been doing that all day.

    I'm so intrigued by this post B.

    In the first picture I see an elephant. :)

    In the second picture I see a blind man and "We The People" jumps out at me. I have several thoughts on that but I won't go there.

    The phrase that keeps coming to mind is "The I's have it".

    I'm interested in what God is showing you.

  10. Oh I forgot to say that yesterday in SS class we had a little discussion about seeing the writing on the wall too.

    I have to say that my word verification is luxuree.

  11. This says a lot about what we've been studying regarding God's wisdom. We truly are blind to the ways of wisdom and understanding until He reveals them to us His commandments are our lamp; His teaching, our light. Until then, we walk in darkness....

    As with your $10 bill, we all come from different places on what this could mean. Only God knows the true purpose. Perhaps it was to get some folks thinking!!