Friday, May 22, 2009

B's Spots!

There are some 'spots' in your house you might not want to put on the tour of homes or your blog: ) Today B takes you to hers. Her garage... where the door is almost always closed.

You see, B has a lot of stuff at the present moment. Some people might call her stuff JUNK. Yes, JUNK! B doesn't see it that way at all. Her 'spot' is a work in progress. This stuff is going to decorate a new space. It is undergoing a transformation. B is hopeful it will play a part in changing a young girl's life.

She is priming the furniture with white to prepare it for the finished look. The soft mattress will provide rest for a girl with no place to lay her head. Lamps will bring light into a dark room. Bedding will be a covering and add color to her room.

B is excited about the makeover in progress. She will share photos next week from The Village, where this stuff will be used. You will meet Nigel, a teen, in her spot. Her room. It will no longer be empty. She will have stuff in it. Stuff painted with love, ordered by God, and designed by the BB's... Barbara and Betty. I pray God will do a mighty work there.

(still more below)

Speaking of spots. I put my first coat of black paint on the furniture last night. I must tell you B is a very messy painter. Black spots were all over my hands and clothes. I definitely had a 'Dalmatian look' going on. I thought I cleaned all the paint off . This morning my son saw this spot still on the back of my arm. I couldn't see it. (It's difficult to take a good photo of the back of your arm: ) This reminded me how Jesus washed away my spots when I looked to Him as Savior and Lord of my life. I could not make myself clean enough. Jesus brought light into my darkness. Now I can open my garage door, B His home, and make my B-log all about Him. He's making my spots into something good.

He makes EVERYTHING BEAUTIFUL in its time. Eccl 3:11

B His Girl


  1. Amen to that! Can't wait to see pics of the transformation:)

  2. B, you need to know the scripture you used made me cry. You will soon know why...

    God, you simply amaze me. You blow me away.

    Thank you for B's heart for those with nothing. I share her same heart.

  3. B,as your garage goes through this transformation so is your life. As I read the end of your post I was reminded of the old hymn Amazing Grace. Just as He washed away our spots we are also no longer blind,nor lost.

  4. Hi Barbara,

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  5. I pray that God will reveal to me the "Spots" I don't see in my own life! Amen!

  6. This reminds me of how God cleaned all of my spots that I could not even see and how He uses lots of my junk for a beautiful purpose...all it needs is a little coat of His grace to recover it.

    B, I promise I'll be back to catch more week until summer!!
    love to you!!

  7. You have inspired me. I so enjoy decorating but am done in my own house- maybe I can "re - do" some one's room who can't do it for herself for one reason or another!

  8. Transforming garage and transforming life. Isn't our GOD amazing!!!! I so look forward to whatever you share with us in the journey. Love you.