Thursday, May 14, 2009

Trees...Thoughts from a branch

It begins with these words," I think that I shall never see a poem lovely as a tree." This is the first line in the poem Trees, by Joyce Kilmer. I recited this poem from memory in front of my 5th grade class. I must have done okay because much of this poem remains in my memory today. The funny thing about this poem is how God has used it in my life over the years. I notice trees.

This tree, a live oak, is growing in Perdido Key, FL. It saved a man's life during Hurricane Ivan. As the raging flood waters swept through his house, they carried him out as well. He clung to this tree during a Category 3, almost Cat. 4 storm for hours. I imagine this tree is lovely to him.

This dead tree is located in the same neighborhood. I almost missed the beauty it holds. As I walked by this tree, a large winged bird caught my eye as she landed in its branches. Check out who calls this tree home.
A blue heron and her fluffy baby heron nest here.The owner of this property shared how incredible it is to watch flying lessons from his porch. His words made me think about the Lord watching us from His porch. Heaven. Talk about location, location, location....He has it. He has lots available if you are interested in living there ; )

The baby heron, barely visible in the photo ,will one day fly. She will be led to a great body of water just beyond this tree and learn how to catch fish. As I am writing this post, the Lord brought this verse to my mind. "Follow me and I will make you fishers of men." Matthew 4:19
This is my handwriting and markings as a child in my first Bible, a palm size New Testament. I ran across it recently. Matthew 4:19 is the only verse marked in the whole book. I believe this is the first verse I memorized as a child, even before John 3:16. An 'out of the blue' thought just crossed my mind. I don't think this is from me. Tuesday morning the Lord changed my Turtle post at the last minute to include a boat. It really threw me off schedule. I did not understand why He wanted me to do that, but I obeyed. Read this verse again. "Follow me and I will make you fishers of men."

Could that b what's going to rock B's boat? Catching a boatload of fish, so many fish the boat starts rocking, with the possibility of sinking. Jesus showed the disciples who followed Him a picture of that in the natural. WOW! This verse actually has my name on it. This moment was planned years ago. WOW God! (If I ever got 'goosebumps', it would b now.)
The Lord wants to take US fishing... in a great body called the world.

The last line in Trees, "Poems are made by fools like me, but only God can make a tree." Thank you Jesus for using one of your trees to reconcile the world to yourself.

B His Girl

Here is the cover of my first Bible. My little black book. I wish I had called Home with these numbers sooner in my life. They never changed. The Lord was waiting on my call. Thank you Jesus. I love you. b


  1. Barbara, I love this!
    "For I know the plans I have for you..."

  2. B this post gave me Goosebumps too. I love that poem, I love those verses and say them and think of them all the time. I love trees and I love birds. Maybe God is calling me through you. I love that thought. I love God and I love you for posting this. I am feeling so wonderful and warm right now. Bless you B.

  3. I love how God speaks to you. Yeah, Jesus, You are calling Your B to fishing and boating. You are calling us.

    B, I love trees and birds too. I have many Stop, Look and Listen posts about them still to come.

    What a great God moment to discover this verse from when you were a girl. Yep, the boat is gonna rock. Fish are coming.

    Gotta love our Lord, He is amazing. He knows how to capture our hearts in the most powerful ways.

    Thank you for sharing this inspiring post.

  4. Wow! B ---

    Here we go again. I have a matching Bible like yours and God began last year having me read from that KJ Version one with all my dates and underlining and childhood notes in it. The tree - the bird - and the boat are all significant to me too! Did you catch any feathers from his wings? LOL!

    Great post!

    Choosing JOY,
    [JESUS - the One I Worship]

  5. I have a childhood Bible like that too. I have not too long ago gone through it to see what God was revealing to me as a young girl. It is pretty amazing what even a child can hear fromm God!

    Wonderful Post!


  6. I so enjoyed reading this B. I have my childhood bible too with little markings but the truth is the one that God uses to teach me and draw me is my Grandmother's Bible given to me in 1990 by my Grandpa when she passed. She sowed so much into my life which is the reason I walk with Jesus and looking through her Bible and all the places she poured her soul and her prayers for all of us is amazing to read.

    God speaks to us in so many ways doesn't He?! You have such an open and willing heart. I'm sure you are pleasing to Him.

    I love you.

  7. So beautiful. Absolutely beautiful. Thank you for this. And, I love your first Bible. What a treasure.

  8. It is awesome to know that before we were conceived in our mothers womb God had already written out our purpose and destiny.For you to come across that now means that God has plans for you according to that scripture. Many Blessings B

  9. I still have my first bible. Thank you for stopping by my blog today. It is nice to meet new people.

  10. Awesome! Thanks for your encouraging words this morning:) I love this post. I wish I would have read it yesterday, but today is good too!

    Love you, Heaven

  11. That is sooo cool! I love the poem, oh do share the interior!

  12. I am so looking forward to seeing how God is going to rock your world. I often think about how you see and hear Him so quickly and confidently. You are a huge blessing to me B.

    Love you.

  13. B!

    How beautiful. I love the image of the trees and how they point me to your "little black book" with your own little handwriting.

    He tells us His story in so many ways, does He not?

    You bless me today.

  14. I have enjoyed reading your blog tonight. Hope you will visit me...

    The posts from our most recent "grandparent Disney trip" are beginning, with a look into the eyes of my little guys from this "Grammy"! Also every comment counts as an entry for the May giveaway. (See Monthly Card Box Giveaway"!

  15. I love hearing how you listen to and follow the Lord B! You are sweet encouragement to me. And to hear the confirmation of the Lord in the verse with your name on it from years ago - Wow God is right.

  16. I came back over today to love on you and I read your post above and I prayed. I love you.