Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Turtle Tuesday: Part 4: Growing Up to B His Girl

B had today all planned. Turtle Tuesday was going to be a snap and B was excited. Everything was falling into place like clock work. Her photo shoot had gone smoothly yesterday. In fact, it was picture perfect for the tale she planned on tellin' today. B was ahead of the game and quite proud of herself I might add. However, this morning, she found there was a change in the wind. She paid attention. A new course had been charted. Another post needed to be written. There were MORE lessons to learn. Mayb smooth sailing wasn't in the forecast as planned.

B discovered she wasn't through growing up on Turtle Tuesdays, not by a long shot. Actually, she felt more like 'throwing up' as she leaned over the edge of the small boat and looked below. The water seemed calm, much like a sheet of glass, but she knew things were changing. B heard the warning sound of an approaching storm. A 'see' advisory had been posted and B was on the lookout.

The Master of her faith and the Captain of her Soul pinpointed this spot in B's chart this morning. This is His message in a nutshell. Prov. 16:9

In his heart a man plans his course,but the Lord determines his steps.

B knows her hard shell can't shield her from the storm. So B, the rocking turtle, tossed her anchor into the wind, trusting His holding power.

God knows where YOU are right now and every step is planned by Him. Your plans may b in line with the Lord, but the way He gets you there will probably look different. Count on it! The Lord is known for 'rocking people's world'. (Thank you Lord.) He also seems to b very comfortable on the water, whether napping in a boat or taking a walk. He is asking you and B to trust Him, sail with Him. I hear Him adding this verse for the voyage:

For I know the plans I have for you," declares the Lord, "plans to prosper
you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.

B His Girl


  1. Yes and Amen!

  2. I completely agree! God does have a way of rocking our world. Jesus is the "rock" of our salvation. :)

  3. Powerful message!

    This says it all for me: "...tossed her anchor into the wind, trusting His holding power."

    I'm holding on and trusting in the LORD.

    Love you sweet one.

  4. I LOVE this scripture verse! Great reminder of it's truth and promise!!
    Bless you!

  5. I love that verse too. And I would like to add that I don't always know the plan and that's ok with me too. Every day can be an adventure in finding out what God is telling you.

  6. Time to rock my boat, Lord. I'm ready. Whatever You decide.

    Jesus, it's time to rock the world with Your love and power. Don't let us remain asleep. We need You during these times and always. Thank you that we can trust You to lead the way. Thank you for a hope and a future.

    (PS I only get Jesus Calling emailed to me. I need to buy a copy of both.)



  7. God has rocked my world more than once, B. While I haven't always enjoyed it initially, I'm safe with Him, however He chooses to get me there! I'm learning to trust His sailing abilities far above my own.

  8. I know that He is doing something wonderful in your life B. I'm so excited for you. And still amazed that everytime I come here, He seems to be speaking to my situation to.

    God bless you!!