Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Turtle Tuesday: Part 3: Growing Up to B His Girl

If you read B's Turtle Tuesday growing story last week, "Rock You World, Squirrel" you might be under the impression B's walk with the Lord has been relatively easy and clearly marked. She sees, she hears, and she walks. Her lips always seem to b flapping the words "Keep Walking by faith" You might secretly want to say, "Give me a break B. Are you always smiling, looking expectantly in your walk? B real, turtle girl! Has your garden always looked like a bed of roses?"

Today B shares a 'not so lovely' photo of herself. She is in a dry place. B isn't flashing any pearly whites here. Actually she is doing the opposite. The grimace on her face gives you a hint into some of her growing up years. It isn't really the look she prefers to post today, but she is following the leader on this. As her friend Kermit the frog says, "It's not easy being green." And B, the turtle would add, "It's not always fun sharing 'the green' either!"

Meet B, the desert turtle. This turtle's terrain has not always been a lush garden, full of signs and wonders. Her path has sometimes been rocky, tiresome, and even lonely. B admits she felt abandoned in the desert. She did not raise her hand to travel this course, but found it a necessary route as she followed Jesus. B was tempted at times to compromise her walk in the wilderness. She questioned if she was cut out to do this. She heard another voice calling to her in her desert time. He cast doubt on God's words spoken to B. She considered his words. They sounded something like this. 'Would God really 'rock' someones world like you B? Who do you think you are? We both know you are not worthy of 'rocking'. If you continue walking.... I will b publishing photos of you when you were horrid . B, do YOU understand?'

In the desert, B faced a dilemma. Threats were hurled at her. This was a test. A big test. What would B do? What would you do? Would B continue walking to the oasis waiting to supply strength for the journey? Or would she shrink back in her shell, into her old patterns? B remembered the Lord's words to her.

Blessed is she who has believed what the Lord has said to her will b
accomplished. Luke 1:45

The view from above was clear. The Son was with B. He left His mark on her head. B was not alone, no matter how her surroundings looked. No weapon formed against her would prosper. B believed and she encouraged herself in the Lord. She started flapping her lips again repeating these words, "Keep walking by faith B. The Lord will b proved faithful and true to His word. "

B His Girl


  1. WOW! I needed to hear your message from today and last week's post. God knew the perfect timing. I have been struggling, listening to that other voice in the wilderness, wondering whether it is worth facing the GIANTS in the land or if I should just turn back. Thanks for your encouraging words to KEEP WALKING BY FAITH.

    Love you girl!


  2. You are quite the storyteller! I enjoy these posts and I think of you every day as I look up from my desk and see the beautiful picture of the "Walk to Emmaus".

    Thank you for the encouragement,

  3. I truly enjoyed your post today. The journey that God has paved for us sometimes we have to go through some obstacles but to know that he is right there with us. Knowing that these obstacles we must face in order to continue to grow to be more like Jesus

  4. Many of us have a not-so-pretty past. I think that is what makes the best testimony! Because God can renew anyone.

    Even me!

  5. Oh my - did this speak to me and I thought last week's squirrel tales spoke volumes! Insults hurled?? You betcha - but I was also eating some humble pie last night when the LORD spoke to me about something I did that I totally missed. "Ouch!" Or should I say "yuck." Humble pie is pretty nasty tasting stuff.

    This 'Wood-B' turtle with an "S" inscribed on her shell is learing to WALK BY FAITH - Before the Lord. The terrain isn't always the best... but Jesus' footprints are big enough to follow... without getting stuck in the mud[pie].

    Choosing JOY,
    [JESUS = The One I Worship]

  6. You have completely overwhelmed me tonight as I've read the last THREE messages and have been so touched.

    I love Luke 1:45 and have it written in the cover of my main Bible.

    Love ya.

  7. This could B your best post to date. Some of the people I have met on here seem to have it all together and at times it's hard to identify with you(all). But it is nice to know that we are alike in that we aren't perfect. It is also nice to know that while "WE" were wandering in the desert, HE was waiting there for us when we were ready to return. I like turtle B even when she is a little squrrel-ly.

    PS I am glad you liked my post.

  8. I'm with you. I know desert living. I know the test. With my past, I often get slung the words,
    "who do you think you are?" I continue to fight and press deeper into Jesus. He's calling us out. And we are to walk by faith. I often cling to the verse in Acts where God chose unschooled, ordinary men. And might I add broken ones too.

    Love this. Glad you remember the truth over dwelling in the desert. I know you see greener days ahead! Crawl on, friend. Fresh water's comin'.

    Love ya,


  9. You always have a word for me. Thank you.