Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Turtle Tuesday: Check, Check, Check

Check, Check, Check ! Those are the words B, the speaker turtle uses when she tests a microphone. That is not why she is saying them today though.

This is a location check. Last year B received an important ministry message from above. She feels the call to share it with you today. You can substitute your name for mine. "B, the spotlight is ALWAYS supposed to b on me." B, the speaker turtle's eyes grew big when she heard those words. They caught her totally off guard. B was to stand beside the One in the spotlight and speak from His shadow. He made her position very clear.(Thank you Lord.) B, the speaker turtle didn't want to b looking like a 'deer in headlights'. That's a look when you are 'found' somewhere you are not supposed to b.

Check, Check, Check! If you are in the spotlight, you may experience a major bump in the road.

B His Girl
(Double Check if you are sure this message is not for you. That's what B just heard.)
Lord help us make this really all about you. Thank you for your mercy. We want to serve you and not ourselves.
I am closing comments today so we can say a prayer instead :) May God's smile be seen in your life today. love ya, b

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